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GM Alex Lenderman's Essential Chess Pack

GM Alex Lenderman's Essential Chess Pack

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GM Aleksandr "Alex" Lenderman is an authority in openings. He won the 2005 World Under-16 Championship in Belfort, and since then has been producing excellent results as well as top-notch training material all over the Internet.
Alex covers the openings, endings, the super enjoyable and complex Smith Morra Gambit and other of his favorite openings. Alex concludes this course with a two-part series on Endings for Beginners to help convert your games into wins.


Chess Openings for Beginners

GM Alex Lenderman starts with an introductory lecture on chess openings for beginners.  What do you need to know? The king needs to be safe with all the pieces in the game, controlling squares and doing something useful. We need to play the opening logically and try to control the center.  Follow along as Alex guides you through the important stages of any good chess opening and annotates moves upon the board for play-by-play action.

Alex on the Smith Morra

The Smith Morra Gambit is a sound and very dangerous weapon against the Sicilian - and fun to play! Alex Lenderman teaches you all the nuances, tricks and newly discovered secrets of the Smith Morra Gambit. Contrary to common belief, the Smith Morra Gambit is a sound and very dangerous weapon against the Sicilian - and fun to play! Alex Lenderman teaches you all the nuances, tricks and newly discovered secrets of the Smith Morra Gambit.

Alex on the Caro-Kann

The Caro has a reputation of being positional, but wild, complicated games do arise from it - and mainly from the Advance variation favored by aggressive players such as Vishy Anand, Alexei Shirov, Nigel Short and John Nunn. Alex teaches you all the nuances and tricks in his favorite line against the Caro.

Alex on the Slav

The solid Slav Defence with 1 d4 d5 2 c4 c6 is enjoying a renaissance these days thanks to its extreme solidity and abundant possibilities for dynamic counterplay. Many masters of Slavic descent helped develop its theory in the 1920s, but its popularity increased dramatically after two exhaustive trials during the Alekhine-Euwe World Championship encounters of 1935 and 1937. It had a lengthy hiatus thereafter - but now, thanks to a modern-day re-evaluation of its theory, the Slav is back in vogue again both at grandmaster and club level. In this three-part opening video series, GM Lenderman provides an ideal primer for anyone looking to learn the nuances of this perennial favorite.

Chess Endings for Beginners

To complete the series from opening to end, Alex provides a two-part, instructive introductory lecture on chess endings. Listen along as he annotates play-by-play action on the board, and you can pick up invaluable tips on how to rapidly improve your rating by these simple endgame tips.

: GM Alex Lenderman's Essential Chess Pack

Presenter: GM Alex Lenderman
Run Time: 6 hours, 18 minutes

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Good stuff. Review by Garry69
Coming back into chess after a break, the beginner areas are bringing it all back to memory, but then much more.
Covers several areas up to a high level.
Very happy with my purchase, giving me a big incentive to play again.
Garry69 (Posted on January 1, 2018)
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Thanks Review by blackjack721
You can say I'm a fan of Mr. Lenderman, I've been so since the acclaimed book titled Kings of New York. Now I'm glad to say I'll be a student of Mr. Lenderman as well, I've for a modest price... I'm pleased to report A+ for the first 4 sessions of the DVD... (Posted on December 30, 2017)
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Bad video quality of board/pieces Review by toktok
(Have not seen all the series. Had some of them already). The part Beginners Openings_1 had very poor video quality - when a move was done on the board some pieces were blurred badly. Hope the rest is better. (Posted on December 28, 2017)
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Usefull Review by Persi
Usefull pawn ending. (Posted on July 30, 2017)
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GM Alexander Lenderman's Essential Chess Pack Review by dutchking
Value for money! A repertoire in depth for the white and black pieces. Furthermore essentials you should never forget! (Posted on July 27, 2017)
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