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Get ready for attacking chess! In this fabulous new series, we’ve amassed a fantastic compilation of game analysis into super course on attacking chess.  The course is presented to you by a legend of US Chess, GM Larry Christiansen. Larry, is a three-times US Chess Champion, has played in several chess Olympiads representing the United States team, and is a highly respected chess trainer. 

Over the years, Larry has been searching far and wide for the best games that embody his own renowned attacking style of play. In doing so, he’s amassed a collection of over 400 videos and 180 hours of footage of the world’s best attacking games. 

Check out these attacking videos:

We’ve laid out a simple but effective study plan for you:  this mega course is divided into twelve months, with one video for each day of the month, each one labeled in appropriate order, so you know which video to watch each day.  Thus, over the course of a year, you’ll have Larry cover instructional attacking games one day at a time, showing you the fine art of attack, letting you assimilate each day how a Grandmaster thinks, calculates and carries out a successful attack. Over time this will provide you invaluable insights and turn you into a stronger more confident player. 

And while many people are amazed at the unbelievable amount of material in this collection, we truly think Larry’s talent to showcase why and how an attack succeeds, is what makes this pack so unique. In each video, you’ll enjoy GM Christiansen’s analysis of the world’s best players at their attacking peak, players like world champion Magnus Carlsen, USA’s Hikaru Nakamura and Fabiano Caruana, as well as Vishy Anand, Vladimir Kramnik, Wesley So, and many more… 

That’s 365 videos for you to learn and enjoy! But as a bonus, we’re adding an additional 31 videos, of Larry’s brilliant analysis, one of the best players the USA has ever produced. An indispensable collection that will give you many hours of enjoyment and improvement. 

Two Bishop sacrifice Month 1 Day 1
Two Knight sacrifice Part 1 Month 1 Day 2
Two Knight sacrifice Part 2 Month 1 Day 3
Two p sacrifice Month 1 Day 4
Mixed Sacrifices Part 1 Month 1 Day 5
Mixed Sacrifices Part 2 Month 1 Day 6
Double Rook Sac 1 Month 1 Day 7
Double Rook Sac 2 Month 1 Day 8
Kitchen SinK Sacs 1 Month 1 Day 9
Kitchen SinK Sacs 2 Month 1 Day 10
Attacking Lines for Attacking Players 1 Month 1 Day 11
Attacking Lines for Attacking Players 2 Month 1 Day 12
Attacking Lines for Attacking Players 3 Month 1 Day 13
Attacking Lines for Attacking Players 4 Month 1 Day 14
Attacking Lines for Attacking Players 5 Month 1 Day 15
Attacking Lines for Attacking Players 6 Month 1 Day 16
Stock Sacs on g5 Month 1 Day 17
Stocking Up on g5 Month 1 Day 18
The Rxg7+ Thunderbolt Month 1 Day 19
Rxg7 b2+ Sacs from A dams to Z aitsev Month 1 Day 20
The Queen as HomeWrecker Sacs on f7 g7 and h7 Month 1 Day 21
Unusual Q Sacs and a Plaskett Case Month 1 Day 22
Karjakin the Scientific Attacker Month 1 Day 23
Karjakin the Scientific Attacker Part 2 Month 1 Day 24
KID on the Rock Month 1 Day 25
more nuggets from the rock 2014 Month 1 Day 26
March Magnus Magniloquent Magic of Magnificent Magnitude Month 1 Day 27
Tal and the Spirit of Giving Month 1 Day 28
Recent Fine Attacking Chess Month 1 Day 29
Shirov cooks up Fresh Fried Liver Month 1 Day 30
Striking Sacrifices in Wijk aan Zee Month 1 Day 31
Tribute to Smyslov Part 1 Month 2 Day 1
Tribute to Smyslov Part 2 Month 2 Day 2
Back to the Future Month 2 Day 3
A Tribute to Walter shawn Browne Month 2 Day 4
More Championship blasts from the Past Month 2 Day 5
U.S. Championship 40 years ago Month 2 Day 6
1983 U.S. Championship Whitehead vs. Benjamin Month 2 Day 7
Continuing Tribute to Walter S. Browne Month 2 Day 8
1986 u.s. championship rohde vs. kogan Month 2 Day 9
Power Chess by Shabba and W S Browne Month 2 Day 10
Hellsten Breaks Loose Month 2 Day 11
Larry reports from the US Championship Month 2 Day 12
Tata Steel Preview Month 2 Day 13
More Past Blasts from Wjik Month 2 Day 14
Nuggets from the Rock Month 2 Day 15
More Gems from the Rock Month 2 Day 16
King wrecking from Reykjavik Month 2 Day 17
Cambridge Springs turns to Reykjavik Geyser Month 2 Day 18
Softening Up Operations Month 2 Day 19
Softening Up Operations part 2 Month 2 Day 20
R.I.P. Emory Tate Month 2 Day 21
Larry Tribute to Viktor Korchnoi Month 2 Day 22
Larry Tribute to Viktor Korchnoi Part 2 Month 2 Day 23
A Korchnoi Classic Month 2 Day 24
When in doubt centralize 1 Month 2 Day 25
When in doubt centralize 2 Month 2 Day 26
When in doubt centralize 3 Month 2 Day 27
Anand attack and defense Month 2 Day 28
Attack the Castle Month 2 Day 29
Attack with Johan Sebastian C Month 2 Day 30
Attacking Nuggets from Tromso Month 2 Day 31
Model Games The Scheveningen Month 3 Day 1
Model Games The Modern Benoni Month 3 Day 2
Model Games The Czech Benoni Month 3 Day 3
Model Games The Modern Benoni 2 Month 3 Day 4
Model Games The Modern Benoni 3 Month 3 Day 5
Model Games The Modern Benoni 4 Month 3 Day 6
Model games Blumenfeld Counter Gambit Month 3 Day 7
Model Games against the Blumenfeld Countergambit Month 3 Day 8
Model Games Benko Gambit Declined Month 3 Day 9
Model Games Benko Gambit Declined 2 Month 3 Day 10
Model games The Benko Gambit The Black Perspective Month 3 Day 11
Model Games The Old Indian Defense Tony Does Jamison Shots Month 3 Day 12
Model Games The Old Indian Defense Black s perspective Month 3 Day 13
Model Games The Old Indian Defense The Final Cut Month 3 Day 14
Model Games The Samish Nimzo Indian Month 3 Day 15
Model Games The Samish Nimzo Indian 2 Month 3 Day 16
Model Games The Samish Nimzo Indian 3 Month 3 Day 17
Model Games Rubinstein Nimzo Indian Month 3 Day 18
Model Games Nimzo indian a true model game Month 3 Day 19
Model Games Nimzo Indian the final shot Month 3 Day 20
A tribute to GM Gligoric Part 1 Month 3 Day 21
A tribute to GM Gligoric Part 2 Month 3 Day 22
A tribute to GM Gligoric Part 3 Month 3 Day 23
Tournament of Steel 75 Years of Brilliant Chess 1 Month 3 Day 24
Tournament of Steel 75 Years of Brilliant Chess 2 Month 3 Day 25
Tournament of Steel 75 Years of Brilliant Chess 3 Month 3 Day 26
Tournament of Steel 75 Years of Brilliant Chess 4 Month 3 Day 27
Tournament of Steel 75 Years of Brilliant Chess 5 Month 3 Day 28
Carlsen Carnage Relentless & Efficient Month 3 Day 29
More Carlsen Carnage Month 3 Day 30
Dubinin been pinnin and liftin Month 3 Day 31
Epic Rook Maneuver ends in sac mate Month 4 Day 1
Supine Play invites Equine Slay Month 4 Day 2
Taking a Kro bar to Krobot and I ll Have Some Fries With That Month 4 Day 3
Korchmar Marvel Month 4 Day 4
Come on Up and Take Me Sometime Month 4 Day 5
A Pinteresting game Month 4 Day 6
Beliavsky Fifis Assem Month 4 Day 7
Liviu and Let Fly Romanian Rollup in Legica Month 4 Day 8
The Importance of Beating Ernst Month 4 Day 9
Larry on the European Championship Part 3 Month 4 Day 10
Larry on the European Championship Part 4 Month 4 Day 11
Tal Telltale Talent tills Tolya to tap Tallin Tally Month 4 Day 12
Pearl from Porz Brilliant but Flawed Month 4 Day 13
The G man Handcuffs Alekseev Month 4 Day 14
Wild Norwegian Slam on as Adams Smokes Agdestein Month 4 Day 15
Spassky shows Kan do Spirit Month 4 Day 16
Spassky Chimes in Moscow 1973 Month 4 Day 17
Symphony of Attack with the SteinWay Month 4 Day 18
Stein Salute with Two Shots of Ruy Month 4 Day 19
Reporting from Tromso Norway Month 4 Day 20
Northern highLights from Tromso Month 4 Day 21
Tomashevky a Surgeon not Swashbuckler Month 4 Day 22
Attack with Andreikin Month 4 Day 23
LarryC Summer Clearance Month 4 Day 24
LarryC Summer Clearance Semi Finals Month 4 Day 25
LarryC Summer Clearance Finals A Rousing Rauzer Month 4 Day 26
Attacking on the g file Month 4 Day 27
Unsound but effective Month 4 Day 28
They were Expendable Month 4 Day 29
Petrosian takeout Month 4 Day 30
The Champ Throws a Mean Punch Month 4 Day 31
Paul Keres Home The Attack Month 5 Day 1
Keres strikes again Month 5 Day 2
Pawn formations and Lightning Strikes Month 5 Day 3
Steady and Sensible Attack Breaks down Solid Formation Month 5 Day 4
Making Book with the Rook Month 5 Day 5
Young Ivanchuck gives Dreev the heave Month 5 Day 6
Alekhine is Rough on Reti Month 5 Day 7
A Visit to the Etienne Machine Month 5 Day 8
Muscle Chess for White Month 5 Day 9
Rockin on the Rock Month 5 Day 10
Nice Tango in Capelle Month 5 Day 11
Tal gives em Hecht Another Month 5 Day 12
Tribute to the Great Month 5 Day 13
Tribute to the Great Tal Holzke Brings in the Reeves Month 5 Day 14
4th of July Fireworks on the board Month 5 Day 15
A Capital Game at the 2012 World Open Month 5 Day 16
Not too Shabby at the World Open Month 5 Day 17
A CAROusing Brawl ends in Perp Walk Month 5 Day 18
Counter attack with Lastin Effect Month 5 Day 19
Shakyn Down the House Month 5 Day 20
Ganbold can play bold and thunder strikes Donner Month 5 Day 21
Shanava Throws Some Lava Month 5 Day 22
Premature Attack Invites Crushing Response Month 5 Day 23
Pin comes Unstuck by Bold Planinc Month 5 Day 24
Lowly Pawn Sac Quiet but Deadly Month 5 Day 25
Najdorf Becomes Grefe stricken in Lone Bout Month 5 Day 26
Savage Saavy Savchenko Attack Proves Kostin Month 5 Day 27
Attack on All Fronts Month 5 Day 28
Exchange bait for Black Month 5 Day 29
He Keres a Powerful Punch Month 5 Day 30
Liebert Halle of Fame & Combinations in the Mail Month 5 Day 31
Attacking Thrills and Spills from Wijk Month 6 Day 1
Lower Boards Produce Fine Attacking Play at Gibraltar Month 6 Day 2
Mikhalevski destroys the Indian king Month 6 Day 3
Forcing your Opponent to Win Brilliantly Month 6 Day 4
Greek GM Bears Lots of Gifts The importance of being Ernst Month 6 Day 5
Stay Forceful Month 6 Day 6
R+B+N=Deadly Team Month 6 Day 7
Torn between 2 queens 1 Move and 2 Offers Month 6 Day 8
Happy Birthday to a Chess Legend. Korchnoi Turns 80 Month 6 Day 9
Opposite Attack Month 6 Day 10
Attacking Chess at the European Championship Month 6 Day 11
The Saemisch Old Story Month 6 Day 12
The Championship Season Month 6 Day 13
Byrnt Offerings in the Poisoned Pawn Month 6 Day 14
Byrning up the Phone Lines Month 6 Day 15
Wilder in the Shining Month 6 Day 16
Pin Pin Pin Month 6 Day 17
Grischuk Grisly Pono Grilling Month 6 Day 18
The Milman Delivers Month 6 Day 19
Chase the King Month 6 Day 20
The Importance of Development Month 6 Day 21
Pouring a Tal One Month 6 Day 22
Larry sees Theme Park Month 6 Day 23
Kalegin Goes Whole Haag Month 6 Day 24
Karpov gets “Pwned” Month 6 Day 25
Poisoned Attack Month 6 Day 26
Amusing Nezh Simul Bash Repeated Decades Later Month 6 Day 27
Not perfect yet amazing Month 6 Day 28
Beware when Grabbing Rooks in the Corner Month 6 Day 29
Esserman Zings That A Morra Month 6 Day 30
Attacking Themes Past and Present Month 6 Day 31
Violent king disturbance Month 7 Day 1
A Hodgeson Granda Tromp Month 7 Day 2
Back rank sizzle from Havana Month 7 Day 3
Julian Hodgsen A modern Blackburne Month 7 Day 4
A favorite from my youth Month 7 Day 5
A good rapport with tactics Month 7 Day 6
A tidy little power game Month 7 Day 7
Byrned with the Rauzer Month 7 Day 8
Beating a pesky Alekhine line Month 7 Day 9
Alekhine gun and Kobalia crush Month 7 Day 10
Notorious Sozin Month 7 Day 11
Energetic and Imaginitive play Month 7 Day 12
Two sacrafices An easy and a hard Month 7 Day 13
Bent Larsen on the attack Month 7 Day 14
Bent Larsen defensive resourcefulness Month 7 Day 15
Power combinations Month 7 Day 16
attack at olympiad Month 7 Day 17
Awesome Combinations at Olympiad Month 7 Day 18
Still great Attacking games at Olympiad Month 7 Day 19
Attack and great defense Month 7 Day 20
Naiditsch Knocksout the Hedgehog Month 7 Day 21
Keep Imagination on overdrive when attacking Month 7 Day 22
Larry Evans 1932 2010 Month 7 Day 23
Larry Evans 1932 2010 Made Technique Look Easy Month 7 Day 24
A Philly Dilly NY NM Matt Herman Fires up the Board Month 7 Day 25
Attack in London Month 7 Day 26
A Walkover by the Commons Month 7 Day 27
Stodgy is Dodgy Month 7 Day 28
alekseev extinguishes burn var & murdzia takes the bloom…he blumenfeld Month 7 Day 29
Wahls Cruises in Attacking Lane Month 7 Day 30
A Fine Breakthrough Leads to a Bruzon Victory Month 7 Day 31
and much much more!

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Very detailed Review by EasyWin4U1959
These lessons are very detailed and informative. I highly recommend it. (Posted on April 26, 2020)
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Worth the price Review by tipota
Even thought I just could download the Larry lectures from the ICC web page ( I am an ICC member) it worth the price to have the lectures immediately available. After a while you have saved a lot of time... (Posted on June 29, 2019)
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awesome Review by DesertLightning
Bad ass attacks taught by a bad ass attacking GM, win win! (Posted on March 8, 2019)
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Amazing! Review by Janzizka
It is unbelievable that so much information could be obtained for so little! These videos are not only instructional but they are entertaining. I gave 4 stars because it is not easy to distinguish the white pieces from black. The quality of the recording could be much better, but the info couldn't be! (Posted on January 26, 2018)
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Fantastisch Review by Bergergeo4
I recommend to these who like become really really better chess player . (Posted on March 15, 2017)
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great tactics and attacking chess Review by tallike
if you want to learn how to be attack minded or enjoy a few nice tacticsl blows there can be no better way then watching attacking with larryc. It is like watching a tyson fight, even better, full of action and short and sweet. (Posted on February 21, 2017)
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interesting and helpful Review by legendironman
Recommend! (Posted on December 30, 2016)
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