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The Short Way to Mastering Tactics (The Nigel Method)

The Short Way to Mastering Tactics (The Nigel Method)

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England’s greatest ever prodigy reached the highest level of chess competition, fighting Kasparov for the World Championship in 1993. Nigel is not alone in his belief that mastering tactics are the #1 shortcut to improving your chess. However, his definition of “tactical ability” is much broader than your average GM’s. Nigel teaches you how to develop each of these skills using 40 of his most instructive games, from the legendary wins to heart-breaking near misses. Short is amazingly open and honest, explaining his thinking behind every move, what he was worried about, how and why he made certain inaccuracies. You actually get to feel what it’s like to play against Kasparov, Karpov and even Tal!


Regular Price: $79.95

Special Price $39.98



Nigel Short has been competing at the top level for 5 decades and counting. During this time, he’s beaten every World Champion from Karpov to Carlsen, and become the only Englishman to have challenged for the title, taking on Kasparov in their controversial 1993 match.

His razor-sharp, creative tactical ability has been a major factor in his success. And now you can learn how to improve your tactics from Nigel himself in his stunning 15½ hour Master Method.

Drawing on 40 of his most instructive games – and humbly including a few losses – Nigel reveals how rich, tactical positions are created and how to calculate the winning lines.

Nigel has split his chosen games into 7 categories, including Attacking the King, Tactical Awareness, Defensive and Endgame Tactics.

By challenging students to find the strongest moves and explaining the mechanics of the combination GM Nigel Short shows you how to improve both your calculation and pattern recognition, transforming you into a master tactician!

And Nigel’s fascinating anecdotes make this a must for any lover of chess history and lore too!


Chapter 1: Attacking the King

  1. Short – Penrose
  2. Short – Flear
  3. Short – Ghaem Maghami
  4. Short – Mangao
  5. Short – Gagare
  6. Short – Grigoriants
  7. Short – Velikov
  8. Krunoslav – Short
  9. Short – Timman
  10. Short – Kasparov

Chapter 2: Dynamic Defense

  1. Short – Hebden
  2. Gelfand – Short
  3. Alburt – Short
  4. Li Chao – Short
  5. Topalov – Short
  6. Ehlvest – Short
  7. Tal – Short

Chapter 3: The Opening

  1. Short – Ponomariov
  2. Short – Nielsen
  3. Short – Huebner
  4. Short – Graf
  5. Pein – Short
  6. Short – Olafsson

Chapter 4: Endgame

  1. Short – Ribli
  2. Short – Daulyte
  3. Short – Hou
  4. Karpov – Short

Chapter 5: Tactical Awareness

  1. Dreev – Short
  2. Seirawan – Short
  3. Short – Ljubojevic
  4. Short – Ljubojevic

Chapter 6: Unexpected Moves

  1. Short – Miles
  2. Short – Morozevich
  3. Sasikiran – Short
  4. Kasparov – Short
  5. Kasparov – Short

Chapter 7: Imbalances

  1. Shirov – Short
  2. Short – Shirov
  3. Short – Korchnoi
  4. Short – Sulskis

Running Time +15 hours
Presenter GM Nigel Short
Encoding Standard H.264, .mp4, compatible with all Apple and PC devices.
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Excellent primer on tactics Review by GeorgeSmiley
Excellent and easy to follow guide to improving tactical play by the renowned GM Nigel Short. (Posted on May 4, 2018)
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Good stuff. Review by Sayilor
Nice to listen.
Seems to be good for learning more. (Posted on April 29, 2018)
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This product is efficiently produced Review by acelux
Well done, in that one did not suffer from an unnecessary abundance of variations, and the concrete points were made extremely well. I do hope that other producers take pattern from this product. (Posted on April 23, 2018)
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Good Review by guicar
A well selected group of games analized by Nigel Short plenty of ideas and exercises (Posted on April 23, 2018)
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Amazing Review by KillerPawn
Amazing course!!! (Posted on April 22, 2018)
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Extraordinary Review by HenryVIII
Refinement in language and concepts. It´s like listening to high quality music. Thanks. (Posted on April 22, 2018)
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