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The Polgar method BUNDLE (The Susan and Judit Polgar bundles)

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The Polgar method BUNDLE (The Susan and Judit Polgar bundles)

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Judit Polgar was destined for big things, smashing Bobby Fischer’s record as the youngest GM in history, before ruthlessly going toe-to-toe with the very best - defeating the likes of Kasparov, Carlsen, Topalov, Kramnik, Anand and Karpov in the process! Judit Polgar was destined for big things, smashing Bobby Fischer’s record as the youngest GM in history, before ruthlessly going toe-to-toe with the very best - defeating the likes of Kasparov, Carlsen, Topalov, Kramnik, Anand and Karpov in the process!

And in 30 years at the top, she NEVER made a chess course or gave lessons of any type - she never revealed any of the secrets behind her supreme tactical mastery - until now.


The Polgar Method - GM Susan Polgar's Complete Course for Club Players

Susan Polgar is a FIDE Senior trainer and has coached some of the best players in the world. Now you can benefit from Susan's expertise with her brand new, 10 volume training program, The Polgar Method.

Most players are let down by their weaknesses. The Polgar Method fixes that with a specific course on each aspect of chess.First up is the opening. While this is probably the least important phase of the game until you're over 2100 elo, you still need to get to the middlegame with a decent position. That's why Susan gives you her recommended repertoire for anything you might face. A versatile opening with a ton of attacking potential as White; a counter-attacking response to 1.e4 and an aggressive line against 1.d4/c4/Nf3.

In line with Susan's chess philosophy, each opening is broken down into strategic idea and typical themes. No need to remember endless variations, just understand what you're trying to achieve. The most common opening traps are also covered. Not the basic ones everyone knows but the more subtle tricks that can appear early on. Even GMs have fallen for these so being familiar with them will save you some embarrassing losses and you help you catch a few people out.

Then we look at tactics. Again, the course assumes you know the basic motifs such as forks and pins. What Susan does is expand on these to show how they combine in real situations. You'll also learn sneaky ways to push your opponent into your tactical trap.

Next, Susan reveals how we can improve our chess by learning from the masters of positional chess. Why having a Queenside pawn majority was enough for Capablanca to win games. How Karpov dominated the key lines and squeezed Kasparov off the board. These positional methods will serve you well throughout your chess career.

Then you learn the secrets of attacking the King, perhaps the most fun pursuit in chess. Susan breaks down the different plans of attack based on where the enemy King is: in the center; on the same side of the board as your King or on the opposite side. Each King position requires a specific approach. What to attack with; how quickly; how much you should sacrifice and why. Susan reveals all with instructive examples taken from GM games.

Most club players never learn how to defend - part of the reason they don't make great progress. Susan reveals how champions like Botvinnik and Magnus Carlsen combine defense with counterplay, staying safe without handing their opponent the initiative.

Finally, Susan makes sure you always get rewarded for your hard work by converting the endgame into a win. Endgame Play will teach you how to hold a Rook endgame a pawn down; why not all opposite-color Bishop endings are drawn and how to use the bridge-building technique to escape perpetual check and win the Lucena position.

GM Susan Polgar has decades of experience of coaching at the highest level. A former prodigy, she knows what works and what is most useful at the board. The Polgar Method is loaded with lessons and practical advice to increase your  chess understanding and help you find the strongest move at the board.If you want a training program you can follow from start to finish and emerge a much better player at the end of it, presented by perhaps the most respected coach in the world, check out The Polgar Method.

Included Products:

Queen Pawn Opening Mastery (vs. e6 set-ups) - In this first volume, GM Susan Polgar teaches the London System, a versatile opening which can be played against almost any response from Black. We look at how to play when Black doesn’t fianchetto the dark-squared Bishop with …g6.

Queen Pawn Opening Mastery (vs. g6 set-ups) In Queen Pawn Opening Mastery, GM Susan Polgar reveals the best ways to realize your strategic goals and demonstrates the most instructive games played in this opening too, making the ideas easier to remember. Understanding, you’ll have extra chances to win your games plus improve your strategic and technical play.

How to Play Black Against 1.e4 - In this volume, GM Susan Polgar demonstrates how to play the French Defense against all of the main variations available to White. The French Defense is one of Susan’s favorite openings as it is based on a few strategic ideas and allows Black to dictate the direction of the game (after 1.e4 e6, White has to play against the French. After 1.e4 e5 White has many options).

How to Play Black Against 1.d4 & c4/Nf3 - Watching the model games will let you see the ideas in action and make them stick in your memory. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to play the King’s Indian Defense with confidence and will have a reliable response to 1.d4 (and 1.c4/Nf3) for life.

Opening Traps - Avoiding the Most Common Chess Traps - Susan has selected traps based on the 3 types of opening: semi-open games (1.e4 c5, 1.e4 d5); open games (1.e4 e5) and closed (1.d4). By grouping them in this way, you get to see which combinations tend to appear in different positions.

Polgar's Tactical Secrets - Learn GM Susan Polgar's Best Tactics - Polgar’s Tactical Secrets makes things easier by looking at the different types of tactical motifs and seeing how they can appear in games. Even at the Super GM level, we see pins, forks and surprising intermediate moves winning games. Often the final moves comes at the end of a 2 or 3 move sequence so spotting the potential for the tactic is crucial.

Positional Play - The Polgar Method for Positional Play - This course will help you with often overlooked decisions like which pieces to recapture with and when to maintain the tension. At the end of this course, you will see the less obvious factors in the position and know how to make best use of them.

Attacking Play - Attacking Secrets from a World Renowned Chess Coach - GM Susan Polgar analyzes model games for each type of position, highlighting typical sacrifices and ways to make things difficult for the opponent. This will help develop your attacking intuition, knowing when sacrifices will pay dividends and when we should proceed more slowly.

Defensive Play - Counter-attack Polgar Style! - In Defensive Play, GM Susan Polgar analyzes instructive games involving successful defense to typical attacks. You’ll see Kingside pawns pushed forward, Rooks and Queens lining up along the h-file and other dangerous situations.

Chess Endgames - Convert your Material Advantage - In Chess Endgames, GM Susan Polgar reveals the tried and tested techniques to win the most common types of endings. Knowledge of these will serve you for a lifetime – they never change. You’ll learn how to save Rook endgames a pawn down; how to win despite having opposite-colored Bishops and whether you can win with a Queen against a pawn on the 7th rank.

Judit Polgar’s Secrets of the Sicilian - The Judit Polgar method

Master Method Series #10

Sicilian Defense Mastery , The Judit Polgar Method is a new 15 hour course by Judit Polgar, her first video course ever. In this course Judit will transform you into a Sicilian Defense master player whether you’re playing with the white or black pieces. She’ll go over all her master pieces including some beautiful games against Kasparov.Discover the secrets of the Sicilian Defense directly from one of the opening's greatest experts, the strongest woman ever to have played chess, Judit Polgar.In this 15 hour course, Judit reveals everything she learned from an entire career spent playing both sides of the Sicilian.Every chapter covers a different theme, each one illustrated with fantastic, instructive games from the likes of Tal and Fischer. How to handle the hole on d5; when to play the e5 advance and how to create winning chances with spectacular sacrifices.On top of that, Judit analyzes her games against her biggest rivals, including Kasparov, Anand, Topalov and Ivanchuk.Secrets of the Sicilian teaches chess, not opening theory, and is a fascinating insight into the world of top level chess.This is Judit’s only video course and includes over 15 hours of material, puzzles, a course summary, the PGN containing over 50 games and the video of a Q&A session with Judit.

Way back in 1986, a shy ten year old girl picked up her rook and with hand trembling, captured her opponent’s h-pawn - a few moves later it was checkmate. Little Judit Polgar had humiliated an experienced International Master…

J. Polgár–V. Metodiev, Albena, 1986

1.Rxh7!! Rxh7 2. Qxg6+ Kh8 3.Qe8+ Kg7 4.Nf5++ checkmate! 

Judit Polgar was destined for big things, smashing Bobby Fischer’s record as the youngest GM in history, before ruthlessly going toe-to-toe with the very best - defeating the likes of Kasparov, Carlsen, Topalov, Kramnik, Anand and Karpov in the process! 

And in 30 years at the top, she NEVER made a chess course or gave lessons of any type - she never revealed any of the secrets behind her supreme tactical mastery - until now

Judit reveals her unique playing methods - viewed through the lens of the Sicilian Defense - an opening she was a leading expert in for both sides.

What Will You Learn?

  • Positional Chess: How to exploit weak squares, using them to create dominating outposts for your pieces. You’ll learn to encircle the weak square, remove its defenders, establish the outpost, and strangle your opponents! (Examples from Judit herself, plus Fischer, Tal and Karpov included!) 
  • Tactical Chess: Judit reveals her favorite sacrifices so you can model them to score brilliant attacking wins (piece sacrifices on the d5, e6 and f5 squares are all explained in detail, giving you a tactical toolbox that’ll devastate opponents at your next event!
  • Attacking Skills: Judit’s attacking “templates” are all revealed - from trapping the King in the center (chapter 9), to dynamic pawn play (chapter 10) and crushing exchange sacrifices (chapter 6). Theme-by-theme analysis makes certain you’ll absorb these strategies logically and efficiently for overnight improvement
  • Sicilian Defense Secrets This course is a holy grail for Sicilian players as Judit shares elite level tactics and strategies you can use to win your games - they were good enough to beat Anand, Kasparov and Shirov! 

Plus, you get all of this… 

  • [Bonus #1] Challenging Puzzles designed to test your knowledge to the limit! 
  • [Bonus #2] Course Summary in PDF format makes navigation a breeze, assuring that every lesson is easily accessible! 
  • [Bonus #3] Complete PGN Files so you can print or browse the ideas on your favorite chess software. 
  • [Bonus #4] Exclusive Q&A Video with Judit where she answers all the tough questions and reveals the secrets and stories behind her amazing career. 
  • [Bonus #5] Polgar vs Henley Live TV Blitz Match pits then 16 year old Judit’s pure aggression against Henley’s calm positional play in a wildly entertaining bonus video. 
  • [Bonus #6] 18 HD Images of Judit you can use as desktop wallpapers or even print out to be signed if you ever get to meet her! 

The first and perhaps last course EVER from Judit Polgar is a 15 hour treasure trove and you’re able to grab a copy for half price today - don’t miss your chance for this one!


  1. My battles against Kasparov
    • Linares 1994 and Wijk aan Zee 2000
    • Kasparov-J.Polgar, Linares 2001
    • Polgar-Kasparov, Linares 2001
  2. The hole on d5
    • Fischer-Reshevsky, 1962
    • Beliavsky-Marin, 1987
    • Karpov-Mecking, 1972
    • Polgar-Edouard, 2011
    • Smyslov-Portisch, 1971
    • Tal-Najdorf, 1961
    • Karpov-Polugaevsky, 1974
    • Illescas Cordoba-J.Polgar, 1990
    • Polgar-Sax, 1990
  3. Sacrifices on d5
    • Polgar-NN, 1986
    • Nunn-Marin, 1987
    • Ostapenko-Yartsev, 1969
    • Kupreichik-Neto, 1989
    • Kupreichik-Tal, 1970
    • Fischer-Rubinetti, 1970
    • Stein-Tal, 1961
    • Polgar-Anand, 2003
  4. Sacrifices on e6
    • Polgar-Ree, 1989
    • Velimirovic-Suba, 1987
    • Vladimirov-Epishin, 1987
    • Shirov-J.Polgar, 1996
    • Spassky-Polugaevsky, 1958
    • Alekhine-Saemisch, 1923
  5. My best games in the Sicilian
    • Polgar-Topalov, 2006
    • Polgar-Kasimdzhanov, 2005
    • Polgar-Anand, 1999
  6. The exchange sacrifice
    • Troianesecu-Petrosian, 1953
    • Dunaev-Petrosian, 1948
    • Jansa-Polugaevsky, 1980
    • Szabo-Petrosian
  7. Sacrifices on f5
    • Velimirovic-Sofreski, 1965
    • Tabban-Boursies, 1970s
    • Nisipeanu-Kozul, 2016
  8. The importance of the d5 square
    • Polgar-Anand, 1998
    • Sigurjonsson-Portisch, 1978
    • Karpov-Kasparov, 1985
    • Volokitin-Zhigalko, 2015
  9. When the King is in the center
    • Tal-Larsen, 1979
    • Ravinsky-Panov, 1943
    • Romero Barreto-Jianu, 2016
    • Polgar-Fressinet, 2000
    • Milos-J.Polgar, 1996
    • Xie Jun-J.Polgar, 1988
  10. The e5 advance
    • Polgar-Hulak, 1989
    • Polgar-Gutman, 1987
    • Tal-Ftacnik, 1985
    • Polgar-Ivanchuk, 1995
  11. Breaking the central tension
    • Short-J.Polgar, 1994
    • Sutovsky-Kasparov, 1998
    • Karpov-Spassky, 1974
  12. Memorable games vs. top players
    • Polgar-Gelfand, 1996
    • Polgar-Polugaevsky, 1991
    • Polgar-Ivanchuk, 1996
    • Shirov-J.Polgar
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I like my purchase Review by epicureanone
I find Susan Polgar to be easy to follow. Yes it could be longer but it fits my attention span just right . (Posted on August 13, 2019)
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Good, no more, no less Review by bm57
Less than expected, too short. But OK, that is it. (Posted on July 28, 2019)
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