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Comprehensive Beginner’s Course: 0-1400 ELO

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Comprehensive Beginner’s Course: 0-1400 ELO

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“Give Me 20 Hours and I Will Show You How to become a Club Strength Chess Player!”

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Comprehensive Beginner’s Course: 0-1400 ELO

Most beginners have problems improving at chess because they simply lack the foundation needed to build upon. They have bits and pieces of knowledge, but that’s not enough to see a sustainable progress. Those beginners tend to study wrong things, in the wrong way.  They are spending countless hours on openings and tactics, while what they really need is getting the fundamentals straight

And I can’t blame them… it’s not their fault! There is a huge gap in chess courses.

There is almost nothing out there for beginners: unrated – 1400 elo range. You are forced to study many different chess books, online lectures and DVDs with tons of contradictory ideas, and it’s all gets very confusing, very fast… and honestly gets you nowhere.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

How awesome would it be to have a single chess course which will take you straight from unrated to 1400 level?

This course will take you literally from 0 elo to a club player’s strength!  Chess training doesn’t have to be hard and unpleasant. What previously took many months or even years to achieve is now possible in just few weeks!

In fact, all the material you need to reach a club players’ strength fits in our brand new 10 hour video course! IM Lilov spent months revising over ten years of his coaching experience to produce this Comprehensive Beginner’s Course. It is based on his renowned approach for beginners’ training, which already produced dozens of strong and very strong players!

Over 99% of chess courses assume that you have some experience with chess. They assume you already know how pieces move, what a pin is, what isolated pawns are, what strong and weak squares are, what centralization is, what under-promotion is and list goes on and on.

This training course is totally different!

International Master Valeri Lilov assumes you know nothing about the game.  And I mean NOTHING. He teaches you everything you need to know for becoming a club strength player from ground up in the most efficient way. Indeed, that won’t happen overnight, and you will need to play practice games, do homework and so on. Trust me; this is by far the quickest shortcut you can take to go from absolute zero to club player strength!

IM Lilov starts with the most basic things and dive into advanced stuff when you’re ready.

Others spend months if not years learning those things the hard way… we give you a complete course covering it all in just 10 hours of video!

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Try other courses Review by fegonfe
After the basic videos (which, by the way, Miguel Illescas's courses here on ICC are much better), the videos touch different concepts, sometimes repeated, without enough examples or a clear order. The games and positions from the videos are not in the pgn, which also does not help. (Posted on March 1, 2020)
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