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IM Vladan Rabrenovic

IM Vladan Rabrenovic

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I'm chess coach for 20 years and many people say with great success. If you really want from someone to teach you how to play better, please let me know. If you don't have a plan, I always have one. We can study, analyze and play for 19 Ch/hr (2hrs = 35 Ch) Please, send me a message Rabren at ICC.

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IM Vladan Rabrenovic
I'm chess coach for 20 years and many people say with great success. If you really want from someone to teach you how to play better, please let me know. If you don't have a plan, I always have one.
We can study, analyze and play for 19 Ch/hr (2hrs = 35 Ch)
Please, send me a message Rabren at ICC.

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Vladan is a good coach with reasonable prices. Review by micosagwan
I'm 1900 USCF (prior to taking lessons). Rabren will find your weaknesses and force you to improve upon them. Progress at my rating doesn't come easy... at least for me. I've taken lessons for maybe six months now. I now better understand positional aspects of the game. We've spent a lot of time working on openings and endgames. Some middlegame ideas through book recommendations and discussion. I can't tell you that I've improved any rating at this time, but that isn't on the teacher. I was a weak 1900, to begin with... Talking with Rabren every week and working on puzzles and reviewing games has definitely sharpened my skills. I'm beginning to actually develop an opening repertoire and for the first time.. I'm actually understand most moves that titled players make. When I was younger, I recall there were moves on the board that just made no sense to me... Sometimes, progress isn't instantatious, but I have a strong feeling my hard work will eventually pay off... First comes understanding... Rabren has provide these tools... now the implementation part... I need to keep working on! (Posted on October 9, 2017)
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Very Good Teacher Review by Maximusiv
Rabrenovic does a real good Job! (Posted on August 3, 2017)
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Still The Best! Review by KOLBJORNJOHA
Rabren is still the best coach at ICC. I have continued to use him for quite some time now, and I am planning to use him in the future as well. He is a real professional and devoted to chess. I would definitely recommend him! (Posted on June 20, 2017)
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Excellent Coach - Adapts to Your Style Review by berzerk0
IM Rabrenovic (Rabren) has been my coach for some time as I try to get out of the beginner's stage. He is always patient, understanding and flexible.

Instead of applying a one-size-fits-all curriculum, Rabren will suggest study based on your skillset, games, and discussion to come up with the best fit for you.

For example, Rabren saw that I preferred a certain type of opening system. He went into his database and found tons of games with similar ideas and positions. My homework was to go over them and improve - at first, the ideas seemed to go over my head. Coach Rabren and I then came up with a plan that I should go over the games myself, try to understand them, and then he and I would "proofread" my analysis together. I think this is the best way for me to learn.

He is easy to talk to and discuss chess with, and I highly, highly, recommend him.

(Posted on April 3, 2017)
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True Chess Master! Review by Spalla
Rabren knows a lot about chess and is a very patient teacher. I had problems learning openings before, but now i feel much more confident! I am improving a lot in all aspects of the game because he has many qualities:

- Structured classes with a consistent method where is possible to cover tactics, endgames and analyse your own games. I really got impressed with his ability to point out my mistakes and give me advices.

- Flexibility to adapt the classes to the necessities of the student. Knowing the psicologycal aspects of the game in great deepth, he will suggest a way of studing that is most suitable for each student.

- Flexibility of times, so he is always able to find a schedule that is good for you.

- Speaks english very well what helps a lot the communication and gives the necessary attention and support by email.

- He offers classes at reasonable prices.

To sum up: i wish i had knew him before and i assure you won't be dissapointed!! Absolutely 5 stars!

(Posted on March 27, 2017)
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Great, patient coach Review by topaz175
My 10-year-old son and is enjoying Coach Rabren's lesson very much. He is very patient and gives challenges that are appropriate for my son's level. He also analyzed his weaknesses and gave very good tips on how to improve his games and be a better chess player. Through challenging puzzles given by coach, my son is now learning to think more carefully what the best moves are before rushing and ending up in a blunder. He has become more engaged in chess and is really wanting to improve, which is great. (Posted on January 26, 2017)
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Highly qualified trainer Review by trkarthi85
took 2 hour lesson. Very professional and informative. Spots your mistakes in an instant. He has a structured training plan. (Posted on January 3, 2017)
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Great coach! Review by rodrigonzo
I´ve improved my chess since I started with Rabren a lot! I highly recommended :) (Posted on May 24, 2016)
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Incredable coach!! Review by ahmedksa
After only 8 hours I'm completely different player!
I'm planning to have 1 year training with this monster! (Posted on February 4, 2016)
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Awesome Review by oog30
Awesome instructor! Very thorough and made me feel at ease. Can't wait for the next lesson! (Posted on October 20, 2015)
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