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IM Vladan Rabrenovic

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IM Vladan Rabrenovic

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Product Review (submitted on September 29, 2018):
My son and I are working since several month with Vladan. We both have individual lessons and the two of us are very happy with his style of teaching. Vladan
- speaks perfect English,
- is always on the point and very concrete in his analysis,
- is very reliable / punctual and
- makes individual lessons for each of us - see details below.

To adjust to the level of knowledge he was first looking through some of our games. After that a typical two hour training lesson is looking like this:
- some tactical puzzles first (30 minutes)
- some endgames (30 minutes)
- individual analysis of games up to move 20 for your opening repertoire (60 minutes)

On a weekly bases Vladan is compiling a set of model games that fit the opening repertoire of me or my son.

Probably you could ask for a different lesson layout (e.g. more game analysis from your own games), but to us his approach makes a lot of sense.

For the lessons we use a Skype to talk and BlitzIn to share a chess board.

Thanks a lot!
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