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GM Dusan Popovic

GM Dusan Popovic
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Excellent Teacher Review by ad-nauseum
GM Dusan Popovic is a great teacher. I've had several lessons with him now and he has helped me to eradicate many weaknesses from my game. Most importantly he has helped me to think differently about my play and I've seen significant improvements in my results. He will help you create concrete plans in any opening, help you with tactics, positional play, and endgame play. His lessons are always delivered with good humour. He's a great guy and a friend. You will not be disappointed. (Posted on March 28, 2015)
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improve your chess in every area Review by niceandeasy
GM Dusan Popovic is a dedicated trainer, who will explain you the mistakes you made and teach you a deep understanding of chess. He pinpoints your weak spots and targets them with personally tailored lessons- be it tactics, calculation, positional understanding, opening preparation or complex middlegames. You can adopt an especially agressive opening repertoire with najdorf and KID - in which he is a true expert. And fankly, I think he can help you with any openings or
any chess problem.
I have been taking lessons from GM Popovic for 3 years and made significant progress - not just in rating, but in a whole new game on a different level.
If you want to get something done, you have to take it seriously and you need a trainer, who is up to the task! Just by definition an almost 2600 player is far better than say 2300-2400- player.
wish you good improvements! you are already lucky if you have Dusan on your side ;)
(Posted on May 28, 2014)
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Great Teacher!! Review by kingsac
GM Dusan Popovic played a few casual games with me with analysis and I was so impressed I want to have regular lessons with him! He showed me basic mistakes I made throughout the game and opening and showed me ways I could improve! He Also showed me the ideas based on the openings I was using. Your talking top shelf Grandmaster here for half the price of the normal GM! (Posted on May 4, 2014)
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