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New in Chess Magazine (1 year subscription)

New in Chess Magazine (1 year subscription)

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* 8 issues a year
* 800 pages a year of the very best in chess
* on-the-spot tournament reports
* columns both serious and hilarious
* in-depth interviews
* 'Secrets of Opening Surprises'
* chess history that comes to life
* endgames and studies
* chess anecdotes and curiosities
* great pictures and drawings
* an honest GM opinion on the latest chess books
* exclusive columns by Anish Giri and Nigel Short
* games analysed by the top players themselves



New In Chess magazine is a premier international chess publication with eight issues a year, offering on-site tournament reports, game annotations by top grandmasters, interviews, in-depth reportage, exclusive columns by Anish Giri, Jan Timman and Nigel Short, historical features, iconic photography, book reviews and puzzles. Regular contributers are: Magnus Carlsen, Vladimir Kramnik, Levon Aronian, Vishy Anand, Sergey Karjakin, Hikaru Nakamura, Garry Kasparov, Veselin Topalov, Peter Leko, Alexei Shirov and Judith Polgar.

Don't stand aside, join the best. We have been making this unique magazine for more than twenty years already. And we will go on making New In Chess. For you!



108 pages of the best in chess:

Into the human light
Smart Girls play chess in Uganda

NIC's Café
How Willie Nelson played Ray Charles in the dark. Rameshbaba Praggnanandhaa, remember that name! The move of the year. How 3-year old Mikhail Osipov refused Karpov a draw.

Your Move
The future of the Olympiad, by US Team Captain IM John Donaldson

There are 180,000 rated players in the world. Where do they live?

Fair & Square
What Nana Moukouri, Albert Einstein, George Steiner, Stephen Fry and others said about chess.

New York
Magnus Carlsen strikes in extra time with a brilliant finish. A 30-page on-the-spot report from Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam with brilliant and entertaining annotations by Anish Giri.

Celeb 64
John Urschel, chess player

Nigel Short
Our columnist reveals how, in 2003, in a hunting lodge in Yalta he played a secret training match against Ruslan Ponomariov.

Maximize Your Tactics
Train your tactical skills with Russian expert Maxim Notkin

Having fun in St. Louis
Vishy Anand was on a roll at the Champions Showdown. Alejandor Ramirez reports and Vishy himself annotates his win over Nakamura in the blitz.

Judit Polgar’s column
The Queen of Chess has always felt attracted to the King’s Gambit.

'What would Mark think?'
Jacob Aagaard remembers Mark Dvoretsky, a great trainer, a brilliant author and a dear friend. A highly personal tribute.

Parimarjan's Chess Gym
Parimarjan Negi shows that you don’t need to be afraid of playing against connected passed pawns, as long as you keep a clear head.

Russian Super Final
In Novosibirsk, Alexander Riazantsev and Alexandra Kosteniuk became the new Russian champions. They both annotate a key game of the Championship.

A risky early deviation from theory against the Queen’s Gambit. If you play like Carlsen and Grischuk you may win.

Bohemia as a luxury
As he was reading Timman’s Titans, Hans Ree took a walk down memory lane.

Chess Pattern Recognition
Arthur van de Oudeweetering shows that giving up the bishop pair makes perfectly good sense, sometimes.

Sadler On Books
Matthew Sadler reviews four books: 'Dynamic Decision Making' by Boris Gelfand, 'Timman's Titans', 'Fundamental Checkmates' by Antonio Gude and 'The Exchange Sacrifice' by Sergey Kasparov.

Experience prevails
Jan Timman explains why Nigel Short and Ivan Sokolov defeated Hou Yifan and Jorden van Foreest in Hoogeveen.

Just Checking
What is Richard Rapport's favourite square?

Contributors to this issue

Jacob Aagaard, Jeroen Bosch, Anish Giri, John Henderson, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Dylan McClain, Parimarjan Negi, Maxim Notkin, Arthur van de Oudeweetering, Judit Polgar, Alejandro Ramirez, Richard Rapport, Hans Ree, Alexander Riazantsev, Matthew Sadler, Nigel Short, Jan Timman

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Top Notch Review by wstaylor
I was fortunate enough to be one of the yearly subscription winners from 2012, which introduced me to this excellently crafted, wonderful chess magazine. I could not believe the fantastic reporting and lovely photography that is utilized by the publisher.

For this top notch magazine, the price is more than reasonable. Highly recommended. (Posted on July 3, 2014)
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yes Review by Angel
Very Good (Posted on April 8, 2014)
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The best Review by Gabrijel
The best chess magazine! (Posted on January 28, 2014)
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great Review by AJ
Very instructive (Posted on December 26, 2013)
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New in Chess? How about Great in Chess!? Review by SemiBluff
All top events are covered in the best chess magazine in the world.

Secrets of Opening Surprises is a nice touch in this publication, which will give you a new trick up your sleeve for your next chess club meeting.

Overall, like I said, this magazine is simply the best.

5/5 Stars is my vote. (Posted on May 3, 2013)
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