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Susan Polgar - Mastering the French Part 2

Susan Polgar - Mastering the French Part 2
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Extremely detailed review of the Tarrasch Review by thed
The dvd covers a very complete selection of responses to the 3. Nd2 Tarrasch variation on both sides of the board. The GM does give her recommendations of which lines to play as black, which is no surprise since she is an advocate of the French Defense, she also provides better lines for white when they are noted but doesn't give a general program for white. Although she does say she often plays the Tarrasch as white but I haven't checked the tables.

There is a lot of material to cover and I feel she gets a bit rushed at the very end of the dvd so you will need to go over that several times, or at least I did. Of course example games or game continuations are included and well analyzed. (Posted on November 16, 2016)
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