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Your Winning Plan

Your Winning Plan

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lectures feel almost like something completely different.. Review by nepal
‘Your Winning Plan’ feels almost like two smaller courses smushed together. On the one hand, it presents an interesting way of planning out your middle game strategies. I would say it seems logical, maybe even obvious, but that’s with the power of hindsight. I have never done anything like that in any of my games, or if I have it’s exceedingly rare. This is the same system he presents in his other course, the ‘GM’s Secrets‘, but he does so in much more depth.

That said, more than half of the lectures focus on a slightly different topic, namely the centre. This makes sense, as every chess book ever written professes the importance of controlling the centre, but these lectures feel almost like something completely different, almost like a major sub-chapter within a larger chapter. When going through this course, I almost forgot it was about planning, that’s how much the focus changes during these lectures. (Posted on May 20, 2017)
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