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Repertoire for Black - The Chigorin (7 part series)

Repertoire for Black - The Chigorin (7 part series)
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Acceptable Review by kwameh72
First let me say I have two of Watson's book. One on the French Defense and the other a repertoire for white--Great books. The videos on the Chigorin are high quality in terms of thoroughness of material. The problem is John takes you "into the weeds" with subvariations that he says he won't go into. But as soon as he says he won't he does! Puts me to sleep and it's not necessary for the target audience ratings wise. It's clear he's analyzing positions fresh without having reviewed sequences before he created the videos. Another time waster because had he done so he would have left a lot of unnecessary stuff out. I can only recommend the product because all the basics you need are present, but if you're a note taker like me prepare yourself for serious yawns! (Posted on December 3, 2017)
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