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WGM Zozulia Anna

WGM Zozulia Anna
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Anna is a fantastic teacher Review by Rhvistendahl
Anna is a fantastic teacher, with endgame study she has some very unique and helpful ways of teaching. We also studied some middlegame themes, which is exactly where I needed help, and the analysis of my games was world class! (Posted on November 18, 2017)
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Very Insightful; Flexible Scheduling Review by astrassman
Had my first lesson and was immediately taught a new method for analyzing problems. Extremely informative and very patient.

Anna was also very accommodating with scheduling.

I highly recommend her! (Posted on September 26, 2017)
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Blitz Games two Review by Talwizard
I had first lesson which was only to play two 15 min blitz and of course I lost both I Am hoping to get more from lessons but the analysis of games was very brief I told Anna I need a lesson plan to improve not just play and lost? It was fun since I feel play ok but she has a 2300 ranking level I was not able to attack much she was very technical and played great I will try again but will have to find out first if there is a method or lesson plan, otherwise I would just loose games and not sure can learn much like that.? Very patient and funny and let me take back a move when I blunder my Bishop very gracious! (Posted on December 7, 2014)
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Superb Teacher! Review by Cameron
I have studied with Anna off and on for over a year now, and she has kindly taken me through standard middlegame and endgame positions. Instead of simply stating a "chess principle" and providing two or three examples, Anna has me work principles out for myself. Entire sessions, therefore, have been devoted to a single move. Yet what makes Anna such a good teacher is that her humor, warmth, and encouragement obviate frustration. She is very flexible with scheduling, and uses both the ICC and Skype chat for lessons. Highly recommended for adults looking to improve! (Posted on November 1, 2014)
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