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GM Ibro Saric

GM Ibro Saric
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Learn and get the RESULTS!!! Review by JennaZ
I am a chess player from Brazil who was once an active player as a child and now attempts to play tournaments whenever work and life give a break (+- 2150 FIDE strength). Ibro was able to get me back into competitive chess, keep me going and I have seen significant improvements to my game ever since. Thanks to his lessons, advice and preparation, I got concrete results (ex: good performance in a big international tournament, wins against titled players and competitive chess games against titled players). And when the results weren't there, he always did his best in giving me the best guidance towards achieving such results, being that he is the type of coach who really focuses on correcting mistakes in his student's games. His lessons are in excellent English, very clear, and he puts a lot of effort in making himself available for his students, which is great for busy players. Also, he is very sociable, which really helps if you're constantly stressed with life outside of the board. As for chess, he taught me a little bit of everything, from opening to middle game to endgame, but I would have to say that his emphasis and strength lies in deep positional understanding of the game. He covered key endgames, typical pawn structures, piece play and placement, move-by-move opening theory preparation, etc. all backed with real-life illustrative games and experience, as well as recommendations on helpful books and tools, all tailored according to your game (ex: thanks to his recommendation I started playing an opening that best suits my game and have been getting better results). He even helped me prepare to play against specific opponents and I either got the result or came very close to (my fault!). In short, in Ibro you get an outstanding coach who also happens to be a strong positional GM. I definitely recommend his lessons if you want to improve in chess. Then add talent and effort to the recipe and the sky is the limit! (Posted on November 7, 2015)
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Friendly coach with skill to explain complex concepts in simple language Review by mstefa
Hi, I am an adult chess player and took lessons to understand the game better. Ibro helped me raise my OTB rating for 100 points in approximately a year.From 2000 to 2100 Canadian rating. ( and I don't have time to dedicate to chess other than that one hour a week and one or two games a week)

Ibro is very friendly coach with great skill of transferring knowledge. He will understand your style after seeing few of your games and make recommendations in sync with your style.
He will analyze games with you and try to correct typical errors in thinking process and help you understand why some plans work and some others don't in particular positions.

I can recommend Ibro wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to understand chess especially if you're willing to dedicate extra time yourself to fortify knowledge he provids. (Posted on October 30, 2015)
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