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IM Vladan Rabrenovic

IM Vladan Rabrenovic
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Great Service Review by eickegao
Will use again. (Posted on January 21, 2019)
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A+ Review by micosagwan
Great coach. (Posted on December 1, 2018)
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IM Rabren has our recommendation Review by fho1962
My son and I are working since several month with Vladan. We both have individual lessons and the two of us are very happy with his style of teaching. Vladan
- speaks perfect English,
- is always on the point and very concrete in his analysis,
- is very reliable / punctual and
- makes individual lessons for each of us - see details below.

To adjust to the level of knowledge he was first looking through some of our games. After that a typical two hour training lesson is looking like this:
- some tactical puzzles first (30 minutes)
- some endgames (30 minutes)
- individual analysis of games up to move 20 for your opening repertoire (60 minutes)

On a weekly bases Vladan is compiling a set of model games that fit the opening repertoire of me or my son.

Probably you could ask for a different lesson layout (e.g. more game analysis from your own games), but to us his approach makes a lot of sense.

For the lessons we use a Skype to talk and BlitzIn to share a chess board.

Thanks a lot!
(Posted on September 29, 2018)
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Great Teacher Review by GenericUser
Rabren is a great teacher and nice person. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and plan to continue doing so for a very long time. Thanks Rabren! (Posted on September 12, 2018)
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IM Rabren is so great! Review by DogeA
IM Rabren is very knowledgeable and professional. He has been teaching my son for 2 months and my son likes his chess lessons. Highly recommended! (Posted on September 1, 2018)
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Excellent!!! Review by thevillageidiot
I felt myself improving with these custom made lessons. (Posted on August 25, 2018)
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Excellent Coach! Review by panda08
My kids started learning from Coach Rabren 2 months ago. They enjoy the class very much.

Coach Rabren started with giving positions based on their levels. He also reviewed games with the kids every class in order to know their strength and weakness. Then, he structured the class accordingly. Coach Rabren is a knowledgeable, easy going, and patient coach. He always responses my email quickly as well.

We had a very good experience with Coach Rabren and definitely recommend him! (Posted on August 5, 2018)
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Respectful coach Review by stitchfamily
My two sons have worked with Rabren for more than 4 months now. My sons enjoyed every class that Rabren taught.

Here is what my kids said about Rabren:

1) Rabren did not teach us opening at the very beginning. He started out by giving us some positions and asked us to investigate. Once he found out the flaws and he started introducing opening theory and sending us homework to practice specific on where we are flawed with

2) Rabren gave positions which is much/a lot harder and challenged than what we can find from chess website. Especially these positions are more often happening when we played with adults in the real games

3) Rabren is so easy-going and so smooth to communicate besides he speaks fluent english.

My experience is that Rabren communicated with me as parents the progress of kids and is very responsible for the progress that my kid can make. He always carefully customized the study plan for each kid and helped them improve and grow individually. My kids have made very good improvement, especially in the real tournament.

I am very happy with Rabren! 5 stars! (Posted on March 28, 2018)
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Rabren is teaching me long distance over the internet. He is outstanding. Review by Uanesor
Rabren is teaching me by having me do puzzles which get progressively harder. Besides being a "chess genius" he has the patience to be an effective teacher.
(Posted on March 13, 2018)
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Great teacher Review by atul-v
I have started training with IM Vladan Rabrenovic since last few days. We have had 2 sessions, each of 2 hours till now. I am at an age where I do not expect to reach 2200+ ELO. I am probably around 1700-1800 ELO. In the first introduction "chat" with Rabren, he motivated me enough to reconsider evaluating myself and making me believe that I can reach 2200 ELO irrespective of age. This conversation was very humble and assertive from his side. He did not pontificate. He was very realistic and set out targets for me step by step with clear and pragmatic timelines provided I did the "homework" given by him and invested at least 2-3 hours of serious Chess every week including playing some serious games, meaning not Blitz or rapid games. He was very clear to start from the endgame techniques. I was initially a bit hesitant as to why do I do endgames, though all great Chess legends always say this. I was looking for tactical fireworks, flashy gambit style opening repertoire, but he "brought me down to earth" in a nice polite way. In the first 2 sessions, he gave equal attention to some tactical motifs as well as endgame puzzles. Both times, homework was endgame puzzles. He kept on asking to send him more and more of my serious games, pushing me to play more serious games. And the result so far? Recently I played an OOTB serious time control game in my club. The game went into the endgame and lasted for more than 65 games. It was really tight endgame and the people gathered around watching believed that my opponent (with the White pieces), had an upper hand and at best it was a draw for Black. But then Rabren's puzzles kicked in with principles of the Opposition, mined squares, etc. and I turned the endgame in my favor winning it. So I would recommend Rabren anytime for anyone who wish to seriously invest in developing their Chess to take it to the next level. On top of that, it is great value for money. Also his communication skills, not just his ability to converse well in English, but also his style of communication, puts you at ease! Highly recommended. (Posted on February 14, 2018)
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