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GM Dejan Antic

GM Dejan Antic
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magnificent chess trainer Review by sravanrenjith
I don't have words to express about him. He is an excellent chess trainer, very friendly. He is giving coaching for my son for 2 yrs now. My son got tremendous achievement in that period. (Posted on August 28, 2017)
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Dejan is the coach for you 11 year old son, Eric. Eric enjoys his class a lot. Review by ericwang
Dejan is the coach for you 11 year old son, Eric. Eric enjoys his class a lot. (Posted on April 13, 2017)
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The Best Coach Ever!!! Review by kaedan
Coach Dejan is everything you want a coach to be. He has been coaching my 8 year old son for 4 months and it's amazing how far my son's chess has matured in such little time. Coach Dejan is extremely professional, polite, punctual with his times, dedicated and knows exactly how to deal with little ones. We have finally found the best coach ever and will no doubt highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for quality in a good coach. If there was a 10 star button, I would hit it without a doubt :-) (Posted on March 11, 2017)
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Great Teacher Review by shaggydog
My son has been taking lessons from Dejan now for about 6 months or so. In that time, my son has reduced the errors he makes, is pointing out better moves I could have made when we are playing each other, and has beaten me on more than one occasion.
Thanks to Dejan, he is excited to play in the local interschool competition, and is doing well. I am seeing an increase in his confidence not only in chess, but in his life as well. He looks forward to his lessons from Dejan each week.
Dejan is a gentleman, who has never made chess feel like a chore. He clearly loves the game, and his enthusiasm is infectious. I am aware that Dejan coaches people to the highest levels of chess, but he is equally enthusiastic about coaching people like my son, who does not work as hard as he should at times. His patience and gentle persistence is remarkable.
When my son first started lesson with Dejan, he (my son) was very shy and barely said anything. Now 6 months later, he is asking questions and is not afraid to make suggestions.
I look forward to watching my son grow in his chess over the coming years, and will most certainly enjoy watching Dejan continue to coach him.
I highly recommend Dejan as a chess coach. Whether your child is hoping for chess stardom, or you are just hoping they will develop an enjoyment and basic understanding of the game, Dejan is able to pitch his lessons to the right level. (Posted on March 4, 2017)
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Solid Lessons and Rich Materials Review by Meow
My child loves GM Dejan's lessons. GM Dejan is a very experienced coach. He gives solid lessons in an encouraging manner. The lessons are well organised. Following each lesson, there are materials for review and practice. We will definitely continue to work with GM Dejan for future chess lessons! (Posted on February 25, 2017)
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Excellent Review by wtfai
I found him to be a first-rate coach, and I feel I understand a lot more about chess after his lessons. He also helped me to appreciate the beauty of chess, and to gain more enjoyment from the game. (Posted on February 16, 2017)
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Fantastic coach! Review by Marfia
Dejan's high quality teaching has been a great help to me. His brilliant opening ideas helped me defeat several Grandmasters and achieve all of my IM norms. I learned a lot in each lesson, whether it was his insightful comments on my games, giving me interesting exercises to solve, or showing me fresh opening ideas. Thank you for everything Dejan! (Posted on February 11, 2017)
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Excellent Coach Review by japs66
I have started to study with Dejan 2 months ago and I like very much the way he teach, the lessons are very fun and well organized. You can learn a lot from him.
The material from the lessons is excellent, with a lot of explanations, and you receive it after the lesson. In conclusión, Dejan is an excellent coach, but you need to study the material if you want to improve ; ) (Posted on January 3, 2017)
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Very nice and knowledgeable teacher ! Review by python0812
This will be our second review of coach Dejan from us. "Awesome teacher!" is what my son said. Despite the different time zone, he always makes his lessons fun and enjoyable for my kid. So, we are thankful for that !
After a year, my son USCF rating jump almost 200 points and in his first international competition, he got his Fide rating also, 1700s. We got the best team ever ! We are looking for more exiciting, fun, and quality chess lesson with coach Dejan! (Posted on September 2, 2016)
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An Excellent Chess Teacher Review by Bobby2
Another 6 months passed after our previous review for this nice person and excellent
coach teacher GM Dejan Antic.

He is coaching my 12 years old son since September last year and he has manage to
make him to increase his FIDE Rating score.

GM Dejan Antic is an excellent teacher and he knows exactly how to deal with young players.

Some of the good chess methods that he is using which we found very useful and productive from are the followings:

1) He always ask after a game for the score sheet and they analyse the game together and in an
interactive way, so the analysis becomes part of a very productive chess lesson.
2) On every strong tournament they study together all the possible playing styles
of his opponents and he offers on each of them some well prepared PGN files for later homework use.
therefore this pre-tournament period becomes also a very productive part of
Student's Chess Education.
3) Last but not least Dejan on all his online lessons sends always back after the end of
each lesson, nice prepared material for student homework study until their next lesson.
So the young student - if he wants to study of course - he has all what is
required specially and carefully selected by his coach.

Dejan has also an excellent skill to positive motivate his students to go and play
against very strong players, while he is very good to calm them down after their
bad or lost games. He is able to make the defeat (that students normally do not even
want to think about it) another strong and productive lesson so his students changes
quickly his disappointing mood to a courageous and brave fighting mood.

Once more we would like to strongly recommend GM Dejan Antic to anyone who seriously wants to improve his Chess skills.

We thank you Dejan for all your efforts, keep on doing your Good work!!! (Posted on August 1, 2016)
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