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Polgar Chess University Beginner Bundle

Polgar Chess University Beginner Bundle

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Attack, Defense and Chess Endgames: Susan reveals the essential principles to successful attacking chess. You will learn why the King is in danger when left in the center, how to find the most aggressive squares for your pieces and the best way to coordinate them in powerful attacks. The lessons contained in this bundle teach not just how to finish your opponent off but also how to get good positions in the first place.

Positional Play and Chess Strategy: Susan teaches you how to find strong moves in every position by targeting your opponent’s weaknesses and avoiding creating any of your own. You will learn how to look deeper into the position and see further ahead with Susan Polgar’s invaluable advice on planning – a key skill in chess strategy. And you’ll find out how to reduce blunders – mistakes that lose material – with sound positional play.

Improving Chess Tactics: Susan provides intensive training on chess tactics. Starting with the essential checkmate patterns and tactical motifs like the pin, skewer and fork, the material quickly advances to cover more complicated combinations – but with Susan breaking them down to show exactly how they work and the logic in the position that makes them possible.

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Regular Price: $399.00

Special Price $79.00



The Polgar Chess University Beginner Mega Bundle is an incredible collection of 106 lessons (over 45 hours!) from one of the most famous chess coaches in the world, Susan Polgar. A former child prodigy herself, Susan Polgar now coaches some of the most promising players in the US and has top 10 player Wesley So as a famous former pupil. The first female player to achieve the full Grandmaster title and sister of the strongest woman player of all-time, Judit Polgar, Susan’s expertise in chess and coaching is beyond doubt. This Mega Bundle includes all of the training programs Susan has produced in the Beginner tier.

Try a lesson for free: What is the threat?



Each topic is built up piece by piece, making sure you understand a lesson fully and then adding to it again and again until it becomes second nature. Drawing on the most instructive games, Susan demonstrates the art of attack in chess, teaching you how to build an initiative, how to gain aggressive squares for your pieces and how to identify the critical moment when you must strike.

The components of tactical play are built up from the basic motifs such as skewers and pins into complicated variations where many lines have to be analyzed – all with a smooth learning curve.

The same with endgames. The essential King and pawn endings are covered first, then the most important Rook endgames. Only in the later lessons do the most technical endings are deepest endgame strategies get discussed.

The games of Bobby Fischer are constant sources of lessons in this bundle too. Susan knew Bobby personally and has studied his games in depth. His clear style and precise play make his games perfect to learn from.

All in all, the Polgar Chess Mega Bundle is a complete training program which will give the serious student a very strong all-round game with no holes in their knowledge. The structure of this course together with Susan’s lucid explanations of each topic will chess improvers achieve their potential quickly.

Lesson 1: What is the difference between check, checkmate and stalemate? (0:25:16)
Lesson 2: The Passed Pawn (0:25:16)
Lesson 3: The Rook and its role (0:31:45)
Lesson 4: The Strength of Bishops (0:26:10)
Lesson 5: The most powerful piece: the Queen (0:29:33)
Lesson 6: The Knight: Its strength and weakness (0:27:16)
Lesson 7: The relative value of all the pieces & the legendary Damiano defense (0:31:07)
Lesson 8: What is the threat? (0:23:08)
Lesson 9: Save the game by Stalemate! (0:27:57)
Lesson 10: Basic Opening Principles (0:25:33)
Lesson 11: What Combination in chess? (0:28:52)
Lesson 12: The Back Rank Problem (0:28:10)
Lesson 13: Forks and Double Attacks (0:28:29)
Lesson 14: Not all Forks work! (0:26:02)
Lesson 15: What is a Pin in chess? (0:25:24)
Lesson 16: How to get out of Pins? (0:27:53)
Lesson 17: Opposition in Pawn Endgames (0:25:53)
Lesson 18: What are Discovered Checks? (0:26:38)
Lesson 19: What is a Discovered Attack? (0:26:43)
Lesson 20: What is a Double Check? (0:27:09)
Lesson 21: Skewers (0:29:11)
Lesson 22: En passant (0:24:25)
Lesson 23: Overloaded piece (0:25:08)
Lesson 24: Endgame : Queen vs pawn (0:26:14)
Lesson 25: Find the weakness (0:26:22)
Lesson 26: Priorities in chess (0:28:27)
Lesson 27: Opening traps (0:26:42)
Lesson 28: A Game from an other century (0:22:50)
Lesson 29: Removing the guard (0:26:58)
Lesson 30: Amazing mate (0:23:16)
Lesson 31: Priorities in chess #2 (0:25:49)
Lesson 32: To check or not to check (0:24:46)
Lesson 33: The valuable target (0:25:24)
Lesson 34: Open file (0:24:22)
Lesson 35: stuffing mate (0:21:06)
Lesson 36: Idea in french defense (0:26:06)
Lesson 37: Tactics in sicilian defense (0:28:16)
Lesson 38: Common mistakes (0:24:54)
Lesson 39: Rook + Bishop vs K (0:25:40)
Lesson 40: Capture or not capture (0:26:36)
Lesson 41: How to win a won game (0:25:30)
Lesson 42: Mating attack (0:25:21)
Lesson 43: A Susan's game (0:25:42)
Lesson 44: The power of the Bishop pair (0:26:19)
Lesson 45: The pawn can be the hero (0:24:06)
Lesson 46: A Susan's game from her early years (0:23:41)
Lesson 47: Checkmate ideas with the Rook (0:22:59)
Lesson 48: Knight Fork (0:26:02)
Lesson 49: Stalemate (0:26:14)
Lesson 50: The Pin (0:26:20)
Lesson 51: The Pin (part 2) (0:26:04)
Lesson 52: The Discovery (0:26:01)
Lesson 53: How to prioritize (0:26:34)
Lesson 54: Learning from mistakes (0:27:44)
Lesson 55: The skewer (0:21:06)
Lesson 56: Epaulette mate (0:23:59)
Lesson 57: Passed pawns (0:24:02)
Lesson 58: Natural looking moves (0:24:20)
Lesson 59: Captures (0:23:56)
Lesson 60: Blunders (0:23:24)
Lesson 61: The pin (0:23:05)
Lesson 62: Discoveries (0:23:49)
Lesson 63: Traps/Tricks in the Caro-Kann (0:25:09)
Lesson 64: What to avoid (0:25:52)
Lesson 65: Rook vs. a minor piece (0:25:51)
Lesson 66: Chigorin vs. Alapin (0:25:06)
Lesson 67: An early game of mine (0:27:12)
Lesson 68: A game from the Women's Olympiad (0:23:55)
Lesson 69: Defense and priorities (0:23:23)
Lesson 70: Interesting ideas in pawn endgames (0:24:47)
Lesson 71: The weakness of the back rank (0:21:57)
Lesson 72: How to defend (0:24:04)
Lesson 73: Different checkmate patterns (0:24:29)
Lesson 74: How to develop a game plan (0:28:17)
Lesson 75: Rook Endgames (0:25:52)
Lesson 76: How to attack and defend (0:25:40)
Lesson 77: How to win material (0:22:03)
Lesson 78: A game of a student of mine (0:25:25)
Lesson 79: Opening traps to avoid (0:24:55)
Lesson 80: The pawns (0:26:05)
Lesson 81: Discoveries (0:24:07)
Lesson 82: To check or not to check (0:23:55)
Lesson 83: Important chess tactical ideas (0:26:33)
Lesson 84: Trapping of pieces (0:25:40)
Lesson 85: Double checks (0:24:28)
Lesson 86: Checkmating (0:24:48)
Lesson 87: The Pins (0:25:27)
Lesson 88: Defense (0:25:20)
Lesson 89: Intermediate moves and checks (0:24:18)
Lesson 90: Endgames (0:23:30)
Lesson 91: Mistakes happen to the best (0:24:27)
Lesson 92: Different mixed tactics (0:25:02)
Lesson 93: The correct recapture (0:25:05)
Lesson 94: The Pawn endgames (0:25:04)
Lesson 95: Ideas on Endgames (0:25:31)
Lesson 96: Pins and Passed Pawns (0:24:33)
Lesson 97: Critical Moments when you have to make a choice (0:25:44)
Lesson 98: One of my own games from 2004: Planning and strategy (0:25:48)
Lesson 99: How to play against the Philidor defense (0:24:56)
Lesson 100: Why you cannot simply copy your opponent (0:24:43)
Lesson 101: An interesting game by two of the top Women players in the world (0:24:48)
Lesson 102: Garry Kasparov vs. Deep Blue (0:25:07)
Lesson 103: And old instructive game (0:24:53)
Lesson 104: What does my opponent want to do? (0:25:28)
Lesson 105: The importance of controlling the center (0:25:57)
Lesson 106: Forks (0:25:13)

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great so far Review by nakedsnake
I have just viewed 4 of the 106 lessons of this bundle and I can say that the material and explanations are of a great quality. The examples are carefully selected and explained.

I have 92 lessons to see yet, but I am pretty sure they will be as well designed as these first ones. I will definitely get the intermediate and advanced bundles. I can assure you won´t be dissapointed. Susan is a great teacher.

Highly instructive and, consecuently,equally recommended.

(Posted on October 23, 2016)
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Excellent set of videos and instructions. Review by raj404
I purchased the Mega bundle. Lucky for me, because I was thinking of buying the Intermediate and Advanced bundles only.
The Beginner bundle was free with the above two bundles. Frankly, I considered myself to be an Intermediate player, but was disillusioned after watching the the Beginner Course! The material is so deep and varied that I did learn a lot from the course. Totally worth it. (Posted on February 13, 2016)
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beginner lessons are showing me where are holes in my knowledge, and where only potholes. Review by slovo
So far I did only first 20 of the 106 beginner lessens and some were very easy for me while some (especially examples towards the end of the lesson) not so easy. 2 lessons I only understood most of the replies but could not guess - so those I would have to relearn few times. I won't tell you which once they are, for fear that my opponents might be reading this. :-) In other words the beginner lessons are showing me where are holes in my knowledge, and where only potholes. (Posted on December 28, 2015)
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