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My 10 Chess Heroes by NM Dan Heisman

My 10 Chess Heroes by NM Dan Heisman

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An instructional video series covering Dan's most inspirational chess players, he covers greats such as Morphy, Lasker, Keres, Fischer, Kasparov and more! Includes 11 videos, annotated games, 41 quizzes and interactive course in our learning center.  Watch the introduction:




Mastering 10 Chess Heroes!

I'm a firm believer that to become a great chess player you must study and learn from the greats of the game. Legends of the game like Morphy, Lasker, Keres, Spassky, Fischer, Kasparov have all introduced groundbreaking ideas and new approaches to revitalize chess theory and knowledge, and I've always felt a great deal of gratitude and appreciation for how they've enriched the game of chess.
Studying their games and their life has been a huge source of inspiration, fueling my passion for the game and I'm confident that through this video series you'll grasp a deeper understanding for how the game of chess has evolved and in turn help you improve your own game.

"Dan Heisman"

In this journey will cover tactics, positional play, error management, initiative, defense, and more!

That's 11 videos in total with 4+ hours of video instruction, plus you get absolutely free:

  • Annotated games in PGN format
  • 41 Quizzes in PGN format
  • An interactive training session in ICC's Learning Center


  • Video 1: Paul Morphy 
  • Video 2: Emanuel Lasker
  • Video 3: Paul Keres
  • Video 4: Donald Byrne
  • Video 5: David Bronstein
  • Video 6: Boris Spassky
  • Video 7: Robert J. Fischer
  • Video 8: John Nunn
  • Video 9: Garry Kasparov
  • Video 10: Alexei Shirov

That's 11 videos in total with just under 5 hours of video instruction.


An interactive training session in ICC's Learning Center based on the course material.


Challenging Puzzles: 41 puzzles for you to practice and sharpen your skills.


FREE BONUS #1: A full course guide, CLICK HERE.


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