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Tricks & traps - by IM John Watson

Tricks & traps - by IM John Watson

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From the simplest  to the more advanced, this instructive  video series by IM John Watson shows you how to fool (or not be fooled by!) your opponent, You'll learn many new tricks and traps in this 9+ hour videos series!




How many tricks and traps are there in the sea of opening theory?

From the simplest ones to the more advanced, IM John Watson in this amazing video series shows you how to fool (or not be fooled by!) your opponent, who might not know the intricacies of an opening.  The course is organized by general opening, and in 15 videos our opening guru IM John Watson provides you with tools that will make your opponents exclam "How did this happen?"

Video 1 - Introduction to the course (0:23:37)
Video 2 - 1.e4 e5 - Part 1 (0:36:31)
Video 3 - 1.e4 e5 - Part 2 (0:34:53)
Video 4 - 1.e4 c5 - Part 1 (0:36:40)
Video 5 - 1.e4 c5 - Part 2 (0:37:30)
Video 6 - French (0:36:30)
Video 7 - French and Caro-Kann (0:36:00)
Video 8 - Caro-Kann and other 1.e4 openings (0:35:29)
Video 9 - Queen's Gambit Declined (0:42:12)
Video 10 - Slav and QGA (0:38:57)
Video 11 - QGA and London System (0:34:45)
Video 12 - King's Indian (0:37:48)
Video 13 - Nimzo and Queen's Indian (0:38:55)
Video 14 - Grunfeld and Benoni (0:37:15)
Video 15 - English Opening (0:36:22)

This series is aimed at everyone, from the club player to the master.

John shows, statistics at hand, that even simple tricks and traps have caught out of guard FMs, IMs and GMs, some of which rather famous!

By watching this video series, you'll sharpen your tactical sense, understand better your favorite opening, and broaden your general knowledge about openings.

Tricks and traps are everywhere: IM Watson shows how once you've learned how a trap works, it can apply not only to the opening phase of the game but also in the middlegame and even in the endgame!

In other words, learn how to use your tricks in the opening, and you'll become a better player all-around.

Running Time  9+ hours
Presenter  IM John Watson
Encoding  Standard H.264, .mp4, compatible with all Apple and PC devices.
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Good features Review by ksugrad1981
The information is useful for me as I have tendency to get zapped with traps. He makes the material easy to understand. (Posted on August 10, 2019)
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Excellent video on openings Review by marknelson
Excellent video so far. Have viewed only part one of the Five so far. The lessons are easy to understand, helpful and interesting. (Posted on January 8, 2019)
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I Like it Review by Blindfaithcream
It is very interesting and useful to Known tricks and Traps. (Posted on September 8, 2018)
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Great videos Review by MinuteMonster
This is a great video series. There’s a lot to process but he shows you multiple variations with explanations for each. (Posted on August 5, 2018)
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Complimentary, dear Watson, but please specify the moves Review by PopgosDV
This is a nice overview of opening tricks and traps, and Watson is very listenable. Thematic tactics are highlighted, and though he goes at a great clip to include numerous examples, it is useful information I have not seen compiled before in video format. My only complaint, will someone please advise dear Watson that it is not helpful to say "black goes here and white goes there" when presenting variations at high speed! Specify the moves (e.g. 'white plays Rf2')! (Posted on August 5, 2018)
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time Review by tugruner
give me time to study it (Posted on July 31, 2018)
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One of the best to date Review by grandprof
At least for me, I found the first few I looked at intriguing and well presented. John Watson always an outstanding presenter. Enjoy the way he teaches,Worth the few dollars spent. Also very good to look at so many openings. Most other teaching methods I have bought avoid openings. This was very refreshing. Thanks John (Posted on July 31, 2018)
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