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Master Chess 8000

Master Chess 8000
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Good addition to COW Review by superlychee
A bit dated, but works with the Chess Opening Wizard from. Bookup. com.
Mike. from. Bookup. even. provides. an import. tool. for COW user.
Another bargain. (Posted on March 17, 2019)
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Only wanted download only, not a cd or disc Review by driley167
I have not been able to get it downloaded. I wanted it to be and thought it would be a download and had written back and asked that you send it in download form only and if it were not downloadable form that I could not use it so I asked you to cancel. (Posted on November 8, 2018)
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Great Training Tool Review by MasterOpenings
Excellent training tools with a lot of functions in the program to improve your play. Great package with video lessons etc.

Value for the money. (Posted on August 27, 2014)
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