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The 4 Pillars of Chess Strength (Bryan Smith Method)

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The 4 Pillars of Chess Strength (Bryan Smith Method)

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Product Review (submitted on May 10, 2018):
Some of the material presented is quite interesting. Some of the analysis, also. I cannot in any way discern a "Method" here, though. He gives no guidance on how to develope one's own approach to learning. This is not, however, my main problem with this series. It, in common with so many chess videos, suffers from absolutely woeful production values. Sometimes a rehearsal of the material helps. Sometimes a second take is in order. When people walk behind the speaker, when dogs bark or traffic noises drown out the speaker, when he flubs what he is saying, is there no possibility of stopping and editing?? The analysis is often meandering and muddled, as if he is making it up on the spot. The totally soporific delivery drains the energy out of the listener. The material is not exceptionally high level - probably 1400 to 1700 level, but it is really hard to follow sometimes. And - will someone PLEASE get the man a handkerchief???
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