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Houdini 4 PRO

Houdini 4 PRO

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Houdini 4: The Best Got Even Better!


The new Houdini 4 contains many evaluation and search improvements in all phases of the game and is about 50 Elo stronger than its predecessor. The improved strength means that Houdini 4 nearly doubles the chess performance of your PC for game analysis and match play.



A major feature is the support of the new 6-men Syzygy table bases. Houdini 4 has been extensively tuned for this state-of-the-art end game table base system and will provide optimum precision and strength in the late endgame at any time control and with any number of cores. While we strongly recommend using the 6-men Syzygy tables, Houdini 4 continues to support Nalimov and Gaviota table bases.

Houdini 4 maintains and improves on all the goodies that made previous Houdini versions the preferred analysis tool for many chess players. The Tactical Mode of Houdini 4 will find more solutions and provide faster solution times in tactical test suites than any other engine. Persistent Hash and Learning are essential tools for storing your valuable analysis results for future use. Houdini's very efficient multi-PV analysis and its support for Chess960 a.k.a. Fischer Random Chess remain the reference in the industry.

Houdini 4 uses calibrated evaluations in which engine scores correlate directly with the win expectancy in the position. A +1.00 pawn advantage gives a 80% chance of winning the game against an equal opponent at blitz time control. At +2.00 the engine will win 95% of the time, and at +3.00 about 99% of the time. If the advantage is +0.50, expect to win nearly 50% of the time. The on-line Houdini Chess Engine User's Manual provides clear and detailed instructions so that you can effortlessly leverage your chess analysis capabilities.

For high-end users with powerful hardware. Supports up to 32 cores and 256 GB of hash memory and NUMA-architecture. Click here for more information about Houdini Pro.

The Houdini 4 download link and serial number will be sent to you by e-mail within 24 hours of purchase.

Note that during installation you'll require an internet access to activate the product. If you haven't received our purchase confirmation mail within 24 hours, check your spam folder first, and if the mail is not there please contact us immediately via the support e-mail address

Purchasing Houdini 4 will entitle you to all updates and corrections made to Houdini 4, direct e-mail support by the Houdini author and discounts to future versions of Houdini. Too expensive? You can still download the free Houdini 1.5 which at the time of the Houdini 4 release remains one of the top chess engines.

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Value for money! Review by SanyamSadana
What an engine! I personally recommend it to people who want to truely enhance chess skills and learn great tactics. (Posted on May 8, 2015)
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Strong! Review by AJ
Very powerful engine, would certainly recommend it to everyone. (Posted on April 22, 2014)
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