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Grunfeld Defense (4 video series)

Grunfeld Defense (4 video series)

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In this 4-video series, GM Varuzhan Akobian demonstrates his mastery of Grunfeld Defense, using real games.


In this 4-video series, GM Varuzhan Akobian demonstrates his mastery of Grunfeld Defense, using real games to show us main lines and the subtleties and tricks of the uber-popular Grunfeld Defense. The first appearance of this piece of history theory dates back to 1855, and since then it has evolved into one of the most important openings ever. The Grunfeld Defense relies on one of the main principles of the hypermodern school, which was coming to the fore in the 1920s - that a large pawn center could be a liability rather than an asset.

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How to play Gruenfeld as white Review by someguy
GM Akobian reviews high level games, including some of his own, to show you how to play the Gruenfeld as white. Concise and to the point. (Posted on May 2, 2020)
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Good videos. Review by Simppa
Very good videos. He has his own way to see the game. (Posted on December 3, 2019)
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Great, but playing against Grunfeld as white Review by Enghave
The description (and other reviews, confusingly) falsely give the impression this video series is GM Akobian showing us how to play the Grunfeld (as black), when it is how to play against the Grunfeld (as white).

(Posted on December 28, 2018)
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Variations on the Grunfeld Defense Review by kickaha
GM Akobian's excellent presentation gives a clear, to the point examination of his system with the Grunfeld. I have been able to use several of his ideas against other systems in a recent tournament. Excellent, well worth watching, you'll learn more with each viewing! (Posted on June 5, 2016)
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How to play the Grunfeld Defense Review by Cartow
Akobian shows the Grunfeld Defense clearly and objectively. (Posted on October 21, 2013)
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