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  1. Gambits against the Sicilian, the French and the Ruy Lopez

    Regular Price: $79.95

    Special Price $69.95

    If you're looking for ways to bust the Sicilian, the French or the Ruy Lopez, then this video series is for you! Grandmaster Boris Alterman and Grandmaster Ronen Har-zvi cover several sharp and aggressive opening gambits you can play against the Sicilian, French and Ruy Lopez. You receive 49 top quality videos of Grandmaster analysis on these exciting openings.

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  2. Gambit Guide Mega Pack:  1. e4 gambits!

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price $59.95

    Over 61 hours of instruction! GM Boris Alterman explores the best 1. e4 gambits! How many times have you wondered how to play against one of the many gambits that your opponents use to surprise you in the opening? Now, it's your turn to put your ace down! GM Boris Alterman, with his straight and easy style, explains how to master all the 1.e4 gambit openings. 


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  3. WIM Gordana Markovic

    I am Gordana Markovic, WIM and a certified Fide Instructor. I am also a former national Champion and a member of the Olympic team which won a bronze medal. I can help you understand chess better and improve your skills within chess strategy, tactics or typical endgames. I offer lessons at very reasonable rates, $25, and discounts for beginners.
    You can contact me on email:

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  4. Repertoire for Black - English defense (15 part series)
    Repertoire for Black - English defense (15 part series) Players: Gamota, Karasev, Starostits, Bunzmann, Hirsso, Jyrki, Marchand, Gulko, Hager, Lempert, Partos Czebe, Onischuk, Nakamura, Z.Polgar, Speelman, Farago, Miles, Hertneck, King, Kosten, Bauer, Kleff, Koenig, Pavlov, Kovalenko, Piesina, Kengis, Kempinski, Miles, Lubczynski, Macieja, Watson, Leon Hoyos, Von Loehnysen, Schlemermeyer, Von Loehnysen, Schlemermeyer, Serper, Yermolinsky, Marjanovic, Ivanisevic, Knaak, Planinec, Handke, Bauer, Sher, Lempert, Eljanov, Delchev, Kallai, Hamdouchi, Avrukh, Grabliauskas, Arduman, Gurcan ECO: A10, A40, A50 IM John Watson, with his video course, helps us build a strong and efficient repertoire of openings, for White and for Black. In the previous few lectures, John showed us how to react to White's first move 1.e4 and 1.d4. In this new series our IM shows us how to play against 1.c4. The first opening Watson teaches us is the fianchetto system 1.c4 b6 2. d4 Bb7, which usually transposes to the classic English Defense (1.c4 b6 2. d4 e6), but avoids certain difficult-to-meet lines. By delaying or skipping ...Nf6, Black keeps his strategy flexible, and in most cases the move ...f5 is key to controlling the central light squares and creating counterplay. The result is a dynamic and challenging system which can easily lead to Black seizing the initiative. Don't miss your chance to add another great piece of opening theory to your repertoire! Learn More
  5. Gambit Domination Bundle
    Are you putting enough pressure on your opponent in the opening? Are you winning games in the first 15 moves, or at least gaining a large advantage?
    Do you ever try an aggressive opening and sacrifice a pawn, only to fall into your opponent’s opening preparation and go straight into an inferior middlegame / endgame
    When is the last time you really evaluated your opening systems and made significant changes? (i.e. improvements!)
    This guide is guaranteed to provide you with a comprehensive, well-researched set of chess gambits for all main lines with the white and black pieces! COMES WITH ONE (1) MONTH OF BONUS ICC MEMBERSHIP Learn More
  6. GM Petrov's TRIPLE PACK: Dominate with 1.d4 and 1.e4 and Opening and Positional Mastery

    Regular Price: $447.00

    Special Price $98.49

    FIDE Trainer and Olympiad Coach GM Marian Petrov's Triple pack includes: 1) Opening Mastery – Dominate with 1.d4 (sells for $149) 2) Opening Mastery – Dominate with1.e4 (sells for $149) 3) Positional Chess Mastery (sells for $149) Learn More
  7. Piece sacrifice in the opening - by Coach Dan Heisman
    What's better than sacrificing a piece in the opening, to take your opponent into unknown territory, and increase your chances to score early in the game? Coach Dan Heisman presents a new video series to teach you how to use the sacrifice weapon to stun your opponent! Learn More
  8. Hiarcs Chess Explorer
  9. Slav Defense (11 part series)
    The Slav Defense is one of the most solid defenses to 1 d4, and a great favorite of the world's leading players. John Watson looks at the opening from White's point of view, recommending safe but strategically rich setups against each variation. He also examines the Semi-Slav Defense, a close relative of the Slav. Opening: D11: Slav Defense D15, D94: QGD Slav, Grunfeld D43: Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav Learn More
  10. How to Beat Titled Players
    Master the 5 Chess Weapons and learn how to defeat opponents that are 200 or even 300 rating points ahead of you. Learn More
  11. Gambit Guide Mega Pack:  c4, d4, f4, nf3 gambits!

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price $89.95

    Over 41 hours of instruction! GM Boris Alterman explores the best 1. c4, 1. d4, 1. f4 and 1. Nf3 gambits! How many times have you wondered how to play against one of the many gambits that your opponents use to surprise you in the opening? Now, it's your turn to put your ace down! In this Mega Pack, GM Boris Alterman, with his straight and easy style, explains how to master most of the gambit openings you can find out there. Over 41 hours of amazing videos to understand positional, strategical and tactical tricks that will make your opening repertoire stronger than ever! The Second Mega Pack has all the 1.d4 gambits and, as a bonus, 1.c4, 1.Nf3 and 1.f4! Gambits, gambits, gambits galore! Boris investigates gambits old and new! They are all exciting to play and at the same time instructive as they teach us all about natural development of the pieces and tactics in chess. COMES WITH ONE (1) MONTH OF BONUS ICC MEMBERSHIP Learn More
  12. The Grandmaster’s Secrets
    This contains the MOST essential principles of chess. Showing you how to think like a strong player step-by-step. Learn More
  13. GM Maxim Dlugy

    International Grandmaster, Former Junior Champion and one of the top blitz players in the world for many years is back in chess! I am looking for a select number of private students whom I could pass the knowledge I have been gathering for many years. Focus would be on openings, strategy and ability to play chess faster than you have ever played before. I have worked with both Kasparov and Karpov and have the experience to improve a player of any strength. Online lessons via ICC or Skype.

    Contact me at for more details.

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  14. Champion Psychology – A book for future chess champions

    Champion Psychology – A book for future chess champions

    This book will help you to stay cool and do your best, while enjoying the royal game of chess. You'll learn the most common psychological weapons that top Grandmasters use.

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  15. the Marshall Attack (10 part series)
    New Ideas in…: the Marshall Attack (10 part series). C89: Ruy Lopez: Marshall counter-attack, Ruy Lopez: Marshall counter-attack, 11...c6, Ruy Lopez: Marshall, main line, 12.d2d4. One of the world’s first Grandmasters of chess, America’s Frank J. Marshall (1877-1944), left behind a lasting legacy to the chess world with his revered gambit against the Ruy Lopez – the Marshall Attack with 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 a6 4 Ba4 Nf6 5 0-0 Be7 6 Re1 b5 7 Bb3 0-0 8 c3 d5! The Marshall Attack is one of the most important openings in the history of chess and is still deployed with regularity at super Grandmaster level. In current theory the ideas and strategies of both approaches are studied in-depth, and nowadays experts have come to the conclusion that White has no clear superiority in the main theoretical lines. And in the latest of his "New Ideas in..." series, GM Ronen Har-Zvi, takes a closer look under the microscope at Marshall's revolutionary idea. Learn More
  16. Master Chess 8000
    Multi-Chess Engine Interface Pre Loaded with 9 of the Worlds Strongest Engines. Add any Uci Engine, contains 2 million games, Animate, Analyze, Annotate, Print Games, GM Statistical Tree, Search for games, by names,eco, move order & results, Import & Export Pgn and Large Screen graphics ideal for large monitors and multiple colored boards & pieces Engines Stockfish 3291, Rybka 3126, Spark 3091 and lots More it can even Play Houdini. Learning how to play the endgame well is a most important skill. Simple positions lie at the heart of chess. In Volume Five Andrew Martin shows how to develop good endgame technique, using typical need-to know positions to lay the foundation and then full master games to show how the strongest players tackle this part of chess. He also suggests how the student might train himself at home in the most efficient way and this is invaluable advice. Endgame 10 important positions Self Training 5 illustrative games Vol. 88 Part 5 (2 hours 20 minutes) Learn More
  17. Joel Benjamin's Chess Weekly Recap: The complete 2017 collection + Bonus Coverage

    Regular Price: $99.95

    Special Price $49.95

    Joel Benjamin's Chess Weekly Recap: The complete collection 2017! With bonus coverage of top 2016 tournaments! A treasure chest of the very best games tournaments and games played over the last year, all expertly analyzed and explained by one of the most highly rated coaches in the world, GM Joel Benjamin. Includes PGN games. Learn More
  18. Killer Endgames  Part 1: Beginner to Intermediate - GM Nick Pert (DVD)
    Killer Endgames Part 1: Beginner to Intermediate - GM Nick Pert (DVD) Learn More
  19. GM Ulvi Bajarani

    I am Ulvi Bajarani, the son of Ilgar Bajarani (Badigo). A grandmaster from Azerbaijan, with highest FIDE elo 2557, the Azerbaijan Champion in 2014, the winner of several tournaments. With huge knowledge and practical experience of playing, studying and teaching, I offer and do following things: 1) Finding weaknesses in the chess character by analysing games and creating work plan; 2) Building chess style of advanced player, by solving positions and revising classical games. 3) Working through every part of the game, such as openings (after reaching some level), middlegames and endgames; My lesson rate is $25/per hour. In addition to this, I can play and analyse the game from kibitz with rate $10/per game. For contact, please write to:

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  20. Killer Endgames  Part 2: Intermediate to Advanced - GM Nick Pert (DVD)
    Killer Endgames Part 2: Intermediate to Advanced - GM Nick Pert (DVD) Learn More
  21. Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind
    In this course, you will learn what makes a Grandmaster a master at chess. Is it his training or just psychology? We will reveal the secret of handling a wide variety of games, ranging from rapid games to standard games. Learn More
  22. GM Igor-Alexander Nataf

    I am a 38 years old Grandmaster from Paris, France and my current FIDE Rating at 01-02-2017 is 2535Elo (Best rating was 2598 some years ago)

    Member of French Olympic team in 2000 (Istambul) and 2004 (Palma de Mallorca)
    Winner of Numerous International tournaments in Europe (Reykjavik, Montecatini Terme,Den Haag, Andorra,etc.)
    Coach/Second since 13 years of an Elite Grandmaster (top 20 in the world, rating 2750 Fide+)
    In January 2017, my 15 years old Student (girl) became WIM and won Oceania Zonal, so she qualified for next world cup in Tbilisi 2017.

    I can help you in various chess area from general play (to solve practical problems that you may encounter on the board, like Zeitnot, spoiling winning positions ,etc...) or more specifical ones (repairing openings, building a repetoire adapted to YOUR style , strategical training, etc... )
    My rates are quite reasonable : I charge 60 USD for a single hour and 80 Dollars for a 2 hours (in a row) lesson

    You can contact me at

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  23. The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory 2
    “Advance your opening play to the level of Masters / Grandmasters ! Learn the general principles of opening play. Get a powerful opening repertoire.” Learn More
  24. The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory
    Know the secrets of proper and efficient opening preparation. With a complete opening repertoire this is a must-have. Learn More
  25. Time, Space and Harmony – The Krush Method Master Method Series #08
    Understand the essence of chess with the Krush Method, the 7 hours course from 7 times US Women’s Chess Champion GM Irina Krush. Learn More
  26. Polgar Chess University: Intermediate Lesson 2

    Lesson 2

    The first topic of this lecture is Space Advantage, which will be illustrated by a famous win of Kasparov, followed by a game of Susan herself, which resulted in her winning the world championship title in 1996. The second topic in this lesson is Distant Opposition in Pawn endgames. At the end of the lesson you can view an evergreen by Frank Marshall as part of the Miracle in Chess feature.

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  27. Queen's Gambit Accepted (6 part series)
    Queen’s Gambit Accepted Opening: D21: Queen's Gambit Accepted Player(s): Greenfeld, Korchnoi, Vitiugov, Rublevsky, Graf, Ibarra Jerez, Giri, Laznicka, Kozuk, Sermek, Bagaturov, Lima, Gelfand, Lautier, Pelletier, Domont, Anand, Adianto, Kasparov, Kamsky, Avrukh, Rublevsky, Shariyazdanov, Rustemov, Alekhine, Gruenfeld Learn More
  28. The London System – IM Eric Rosen [80/20 Tactics]
    If you want to really know an opening, you should be familiar with its typical positional ideas and remember the most important theoretical lines. But this is not enough. Learn More
  29. Chess Strategy Mastery with GM Bryan Smith
    “A world’s renowned chess expert, GM Bryan Smith compiled over a decade of his experience as a player and coach creating a “university level” course on chess strategy.” Learn More
  30. GM Varuzhan Akobian: 'Tarraschin' 1 d4
    The Tarrasch Defense to the Queen's Gambit (1 d4 d5 2 c4 e6 3 Nc3 c5) is an excellent choice for Black, especially for players at club level, as it offers the kind of free piece play and contests control of central space that they find easier to comprehend rather than some of the more complex, strategy-based systems. It was a great favorite of World Champions Boris Spassky and Garry Kasparov, not to mention its originator, Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch. The modern- day Tarrasch maven though is the young American GM Varuzhan Akobian, who, in a new 3-part series, outlines a reliable Tarrasch repertoire - and with the added bonus of all being taken from his own practical experience of using it at the highest level. Learn More
  31. Polgar Chess University: Intermediate Lesson 5

    Lesson 5

    In this session, Susan demonstrates through a number of practical examples how to exploit Weak Squares in the opponents position; and that Knights belongs on Outposts. Another topic discussed is the importance of the Kings active role in endgames. The Miracle in Chess feature in this lesson is a beautiful example of stalemate.

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  32. Polgar Chess University: Advanced Lesson 2

    Lesson 2

    The focus of this lesson is Space Advantage in Chess through a Capablanca classic, along with one of Susans own games to illustrate the topic. These strategical masterpieces are followed by two basic King and Pawn versus King endgames with the focus on Opposition and Distant Opposition. The lesson ends with a brilliant endgame example of Miracle in Chess.

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  33. Le Manifeste du joueur de club – (Volumes 11-20)
    Le pack « Le Manifeste du joueur de club » permettra aux joueurs de club d’acquérir les bases pour devenir Candidat Maître (2200 elo) avec le Maître International français Axel Delorme. Learn More
  34. Polgar Chess University: Intermediate Lesson 6

    Lesson 6

    This lesson focuses on the strength of the Bishops Pair when they work together in harmony to create a deadly attack. You will see a number of beautiful combinations involving Double Bishop Sacrifices on the kingside. You will also see a classical strategical example by the first official world champion William Steinitz. The Miracle in Chess feature this time fits in nicely with the general theme of the lesson.

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  35. Comprehensive Beginners Course
    Most beginners have problems improving at chess because they simply lack the foundation needed to build upon. They have bits and pieces of knowledge, but that’s not enough to see a sustainable progress. Those beginners tend to study wrong things, in the wrong way. They are spending countless hours on openings and tactics, while what they really need is getting the fundamentals straight. And I can’t blame them… it’s not their fault! There is a huge gap in chess courses. Learn More
  36. Polgar Chess University: Advanced Lesson 5

    Lesson 5

    The first part of this lesson introduces the element of Weak Squares & Outposts, through a tactical and then strategical example. The second part of this lecture demonstrates the power of the activity of the King in Pawn endgames. Finally, the lesson ends with a Miracle in Chess, this time an unexpected stalemate surprise.

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  37. Polgar Chess University: Advanced Lesson 3

    Lesson 3

    This lesson explains about the concept of Open File and how it can be implemented for a killer attack or for strategical gains. Later in this lesson, the Square Rule in King and Pawn versus King endgame is also explained. As usual the lesson concludes with an amazing example of Miracle in Chess based on the theme: Back Rank Weakness.

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  38. Polgar Chess University: Advanced Lesson 18

    Lesson 18: Strategy in closed positions

    In this lesson, Susan explains about strategy in closed positions through two of her early games. In such type of positions, a lot of patience is required. In addition, a key question to try to find the answer for is how and when to break through? The lesson ends with the Miracle in Chess feature, an elegant endgame study from the 18th century by Stamma, which ends with an unexpected checkmate.

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  39. Staunton Gambit - Dutch defense (2 video series)
    GM Boris Alterman takes a look at the Staunton Gambit against the Dutch Defense with 1 d4 f5 2 e4!? Learn More
  40. Four Knights Sicilian with GM Davorin Kuljasevic
    “GM Kuljasevic has 15 years of experience playing and coaching this “under the radar” opening. In fact, the Four Knights Sicilian helped Davorin to quickly jump from a 2000 player to an International Master.” Learn More
  41. Polgar Chess University: Intermediate Lesson 7

    Lesson 7

    In chess strategy, the Pawn structure determines most of our decisions. In this lesson, you will learn about why it is generally not a good idea to have Doubled Pawns. The Miracle in Chess example at the end of this lecture is a truly instructive one, demonstrating seven different ideas in just five moves!

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  42. GM Marian Petrov

    GM Marian Petrov is an accomplished professional chess coach, theorist, and Bulgarian champion for 2002 and 2017, as well as winner of many open tournaments around the world. Also a FIDE trainer and coach of the team of Wales at the last olympiad in Baku in 2016. He graduated from the National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria with a Bachelor's degree in Chess Pedagogy, a four-year undergraduate program designed to prepare top-level chess trainers.Among the students are World and European champions for kids.Author of the book Grandmaster Repertoire-The Modern Benoni. Please,contact me on: Price is $45

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  43. Polgar Chess University: Advanced Lesson 6

    Lesson 6

    This lesson mostly concentrates on the amazing power of the Pair of Bishops when they are ideally coordinated. The lecture concludes with the Miracle in Chess feature, which is always entertaining and instructional at the same time.

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  44. Polgar Chess University: Advanced Lesson 7

    Lesson 7

    The topic of this lecture is Double Pawns. It is being illustrated through a number of middlegame as well as endgame examples. The lesson ends with another Miracle in Chess, where White, in spite of being down two Bishops, manages to escape by a miraculous stalemate.

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  45. Polgar Chess University: Advanced Lesson 16

    Lesson 16: Typical tactical motives, strategical ideas, and plans in the Dutch defense, Stonewall variation

    This lesson focuses on typical tactical motives, strategical ideas, and plans in the Dutch defense, Stonewall variation. The lesson ends with the Miracle in Chess feature, a nice creation from the 18th century, based on a study by Stamma.

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  46. Tactical Mastery with GM Davorin Kuljasevic
    “If you ever wanted to learn how to become a world-class tactician and start finding tactics subconsciously on an autopilot here is your real chance!” Learn More
  47. Polgar Chess University: Advanced lesson #10: Weak Long Diagonal

    Lesson 10

    In this lesson, you will learn about the concept of the Weakened Long Diagonal. Susan will illustrate the tremendous power of Bishop and Queen, if they are properly coordinated. The lesson ends with yet another Miracle in Chess, a beautiful endgame study by Prokes.

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  48. Polgar Chess University: Advanced Lesson 12

    Lesson 12: Simplification Combinations and when to trade

    This lesson will focus on Simplification Combinations, and in general, when to trade or not to trade pieces. Through the numerous examples you will see various tactical motives being used to accomplish a gain of one kind or another - material or simply strategical. And the lesson ends with the Miracle in Chess feature, a beautiful endgame study by Newman, which involves a number of nice patterns: fork, removing the guard, and a pretty checkmate.

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  49. Sicilian, Chekhover Variation (7 part series)
    Ronen's Opening Survey: Sicilian, Chekhover Variation #1. B53: Sicilian . The Sicilian variation 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Qxd4, named after the very famous Russian chess composer Vitaly Chekhover (sometimes also called the Hungarian Variation), is an interesting alternative for white to avoid many of the heavily analyzed lines in the Sicilian. Oftentimes this variation leads to a more positional rather than complicated play. Recently the world number 1 , which by now we can say be the highest rated player in History, has decided to put this variation to work, and we are here as always to follow and explain this interesting and surprising line, that deserves attention at any level. Learn More
  50. Polgar Chess University: Intermediate Lesson 18

    Lesson 18: Closed positions and maneuvering

    In the first part of this lesson, Susan explains about strategy in closed positions and talks about maneuvering. The second part of the lesson is about breakthrough in Pawn endgames. The lesson ends with the Miracle in Chess feature, a wonderful study from the 18th century by Stamma, which ends with an unexpected checkmate.

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