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  1. ICC’s Endgame Video Series Pack

    Regular Price: $99.95

    Special Price $49.95

    Your perfect weapon to conquer opponents in the endgame. 120 videos on endgame play by top chess coaches GM Ron Henley, GM Alex Yermolinsky,  GM Alex Lenderman, NM Dan Heisman.  Watch 2 of the Endgame lessons by CLICKING HERE.

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  2. The Polgar Method - GM Susan Polgar's Complete Course for Club Players
    The Polgar Method - GM Susan Polgar's Complete Course for Club Players Susan Polgar is a FIDE Senior trainer and has coached some of the best players in the world. Now you can benefit from Susan's expertise with her brand new, 10 volume training program, The Polgar Method.
    Most players are let down by their weaknesses. The Polgar Method fixes that with a specific course on each aspect of chess. First up is the opening. While this is probably the least important phase of the game until you're over 2100 elo, you still need to get to the middlegame with a decent position. Learn More
  3. GM Nikolay Chadaev

    GM Nikolay Chadaev, Russia, FIDE rating 2591. Twice Moscow Champion (2010, 2011). Tied for 10th place with Boris Gelfand at the 2012 World Blitz Championship in Astana. I offer chess lessons in English via ICC and Skype. The rate is 35$ per hour. I've been coaching players of various levels/age for longer than 5 years.

    For more info, please contact me:

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    Regular Price: $229.95

    Special Price $79.95

    In this series, we’re offering you a compilation of the best Sicilian Defense instructional video material from ICC’s top team of expert coaches and chess commentators. Here we’ll cover must-known variations such as the Sveshnikov, the Najdorf, the Smith Morra, and many more!

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  6. New in Chess Magazine Digital (1 year subscription)
    Digital subscription available for iPad and Android tablets. * 8 issues a year * 1 FREE issue: 2013#8 * Chess gameviewer included! * You can replay all annotated games of the magazine on the built-in board * Download each issue to your device to read without an internet connection * Switch easily between reading and playing through chessgames * Store and access back issues * Purchase single issues using In App Purchase * Subscribe from within the app and register your details with us to receive our newsletter  * Want more New In Chess? Download back issues Learn More
  7. Membership Gift Card
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  8. GM Ibro Saric

    Hello everyone! I am Grandmaster Ibro Saric. I come from Bosnia & Herzegovina. My FIDE rating is 2562. I am offering quality chess lessons using Skype. I have been teaching chess for quite some time and my experience tells me that many people try to study with chess engines, memorising opening lines a lot, but they neglect the most important thing - working on strategy, prophylactic thinking, and endgames. If you decide to take my lessons, I will make sure that your understanding of chess in general becomes much better. I charge 30$ per lesson. Discount is possible if student takes more lessons per week.

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  9. 1 Year ICC Membership (50 Memberships only)

    Regular Price: $69.95

    Special Price $49.95

    Save $20 of retail price!

    Play chess 24x7 -> Play Now!
    View and learn from over 3,000 Instructional Chess Videos
    Improve with our Rating Meter and Tactics Trainer
    Enjoy Interactive Chess Courses at our Learning Center
    Play with our mobile app for iOS and Android
    Play tournaments, including CASH prize events

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  10. Essential Guide to Middle Game Mastery, by GM Boris Alterman

    If you’re aiming at reaching master level, or are chasing the dream of a major boost in your rating, this video series is a must. Nowadays, everyone is super prepped up in openings, you might be too, and you’re likely getting good positions out of them, but it’s in the middle game where battles are decided. In this magnificent video series, GM Alterman (ELO 2611) carefuly takes you through all the key aspects and secrets of middle game play. In this series you’re not only going to learn the essentials of middle play, you’re going to master critical topics such as ...Read More

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  11. 1 Month Prepaid Membership
  12. GM Oleksienko Mikhailo

    Hello everybody! I am GM Mykhaylo Oleksiyenko. My ELO is 2600+. I am Ukrainian 2016 champion. I was also Ukrainian rapid chess champion in 2014. I hold PhD in mathematics as well. I am teaching since 2011. I used to coach Dutch women's chess team for two years. The best chess players that I have been coaching are Alexander Ipatov, Vahap Sanal, and Volodymyr Vetoshko. I also have some experience as a commentator. World Team Chess Championship (Ankara, 2013) and FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship Match (Lviv, 2016) I am using Skype and where we can share a chessboard. I prefer video calls for better communication. It would be best if you could annotate some of your recent games with long time control (without the help of the engine) and send them to me. You may also check out my youtube channel: I am an active player myself so from time to time I will not be available for classes. Feel free to contact me if you want to get better at chess! My email is oleksiyenko.mykhaylo at

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  13. 33 Chess Concepts that took down World Champions

    Are you tired of being the underdog? Are you ready to see your rating increase?! If so, read on!

    The question is always the same: how to win chess games against a good player? To beat a stronger player, you need to be ready to induce and exploit mistakes, but how to do that? This video series focuses on concepts, ideas, and patterns that are essential to know to spot those opportunities. This video series focuses on concepts, ideas, and patterns that are essential to know to spot those opportunities. Even the best players in the world lose games, and this series solely relies on more than 200 sample positions and games that feature a world champion on the losing side vs. a non-world champion, sometimes even against a clear underdog. Included: Video series comes with PGN of all games and positions!
  14. GM Sergey Volkov

    GM Volkov Sergey from Russia .Champion of Russia - 2000!  I won 3rd place at EURO -2008 and in 2002. Fide rating on 01.01.07 2659!  I HAVE BEEN A VENDOR HERE AT ICC SINCE 2000. I offer lessons for 50 chekels an hour. I am also available for blitz and short analysis.
    For more information "finger Volkov" e-mail: or message volkov on ICC.

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  15. Heisman's Thought Process and General Improvement Bundle

    Regular Price: $99.95

    Special Price $79.95

    National Master Dan Heisman, one of the most instructional chess coaches in the world, brings us this winning video collection Thought Process and General Improvement. 
    In this comprehensive package, Dan explains something as simple yet complex as thought process, and how it’s applied correctly and (incorrectly!) in chess.  He explains how to evaluate, analyze, calculate, and use judgement and memory.  This collection on Thought Process and general improvement comes with 42 videos for you to relish and enjoy.

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  16. The Anatoly Karpov Master Method
    The Anatoly Karpov Comprehensive Chess Course Karpov Master Method In this extraordinary 15-hour course, former World Champion Anatoly Karpov has put together the definitive training program on his approach to chess mastery.

    Watch the introduction: Part 1, Chapter 1

    Focusing on positional play, strategy, and endgames, The Karpov Method takes you into the inner circle, revealing Anatoly’s discoveries and some of the chess’ deepest secrets. This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from one of the greatest players of all time, as Anatoly Karpov talks candidly about his games, opponents and the method he used to solve problems at the board. Learn More
  17. IM John Watson presents:  King's Indian Defense (16 part series)
    In must-win situations, the King's Indian Defense has been trusted by World Champions, such as Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, and Mikhail Tal. It's a hypermodern defense, where Black builds a strong defense around the king and looks for counter-attacking chances in the middle game. In this 16-video series, International Master John Watson, gives you a complete picture of how to play this opening. John analyzes the most popular variations including the advance variation with 7.d5, and other main lines. In doing so, John explains the key plans, not just for Black but for White too! Learn More
  18. The 4 Pillars of Chess Strength (Bryan Smith Method)
    Been studying chess for years and still nowhere near master level? It’s time to focus on the important stuff. Legendary World Champion Emanuel Lasker once claimed any beginner could reach master level in just 200 hours – if they focused solely on critical skills and essential knowledge. Which raises the question: what are those critical skills and essential knowledge? American GM Bryan Smith, having made the journey himself, believes it comes down to 4 factors: calculation, intuitive understanding, concrete knowledge and sports psychology. Learn More
  19. WIM Maja Velickovski-Nejkovic

    Hello, Maja Velickovski-Nejkovic, WIM from Serbia. For beginners, I charge 15 chekels per hour. First lesson - 10 chekels. Also available for training games and analysis.
    For more information contact me on ICC or at

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  20. WFM Jelena Arsovic

    Hello, my name is Jelena Arsovic, WFM from Serbia (with 2 WIM norms) and official ICC vendor. I have teaching experience for players of any level and age with specializing in the early development of chess skills. If you like to improve your chess knowledge, please, contact me at

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  21. The Short Way to Mastering Tactics (The Nigel Method)
    England’s greatest ever prodigy reached the highest level of chess competition, fighting Kasparov for the World Championship in 1993. Nigel is not alone in his belief that mastering tactics are the #1 shortcut to improving your chess. However, his definition of “tactical ability” is much broader than your average GM’s. Nigel teaches you how to develop each of these skills using 40 of his most instructive games, from the legendary wins to heart-breaking near misses. Short is amazingly open and honest, explaining his thinking behind every move, what he was worried about, how and why he made certain inaccuracies. You actually get to feel what it’s like to play against Kasparov, Karpov and even Tal! Learn More
  22. CM Yuliya Kuzubova

    Hello! I am Yuliya Kuzubova, Candidate Master from Ukraine. I have been playing chess since I was a child. I have more than 8 years of coaching experience. I took a part in many tournaments in Ukraine and abroad. I was a champion of Odessa among girls many times. If you are a beginner in chess and want to improve your skills I would be happy to help you. As a coach I can analyze your games and find the way to make some weak aspects stronger. If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact me via Price $17 for 1 hour

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  23. A Decade of Benjamin - Super Course!

    Get ready to open a treasure chest of the very best games played over the last decade, all expertly analyzed and explained by one of the most highly rated coaches in the world, GM Joel Benjamin. This enormous collection is the result of 10 years of GM Benjamin analyzing the best chess game played in the world that week: well over 400 individual games and 250 hours of footage! If purchased separately, this collection of 424 videos would cost $1,267.76, but now you can own the collection for a fraction of that!

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  24. GM Dusan Popovic

    GM Dusan Popovic, FIDE elo 2568 (august 2013).  I offer lessons and training games at very reasonable price! Opening repertoire, opening plans, strategy and tactics. Believe me it is worth to be my student!  Email or check finger plamkasidi

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    ChessBase is a personal, stand-alone chess database that has become the standard throughout the world. Everyone uses ChessBase, from the World Champion to the amateur next door. It is the program of choice for anyone who loves the game and wants to know more about it. Start your personal success story with ChessBase and enjoy the game even more. CB15 DOWNLOAD PACKAGE contains: * ChessBase 15 Program with access to the Live-Database (8 million games) * Three months Premium membership for Playchess and for the ChessBase Accounts * Bonus 1 month ICC membership After purchase, you will receive an email with your activation code. Learn More
  26. GM Vlatko Bogdanovski

    GM Vlatko Bogdanovski. Experienced in tournament practice, basic and tournament preparations, second during the tournaments... Recommended for those looking for highly professional and specialized individual chess training. Contact me via

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  27. The Shankland Method #1 – GM Sam Shankland
    Whether you want to refine your middlegame understanding, sharpen up tactically or develop cutting-edge opening strategies - The Shankland Method delivers. Despite his towering chess strength (2674 Elo), GM Shankland teaches his course in plain, easy-to-understand language you’ll immediately just “get”. This all sounds superb, but what are you getting specifically? 15 hours of high-quality videos lessons with GM Shankland (teaching his approach to all areas of the game from opening prep to risk-taking sacrifices and how to develop strategic mastery!) Learn More
  28. GM Eltaj Safarli

    GM Eltaj Safarli. Fide rating 2680 (02.01.2017). I was twice European and one time World Champion (youth category) Winner of Azerbaijan Championship (twice). Winner of gold medal with my national team in European Team Championship 2013, Silver medalist in 2011. Winner of various open tournaments. Member of Olympic National team. I am professional chess player and coach. Offering online chess lessons. I believe the most important in chess training is to analyze your own games. I can help you to find the weaknesses in your play and eliminate them.
    I am available for private lessons and training games at reasonable rates: 1 hour - $40 , 5 hours - $175, 10 hours - $350. Training games with brief analysis: 1 hour - $30, 10 hours - $250. Contact me at: for more details

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  29. Ruy Lopez + 1. e4 e5 Compilation


    In this video series, ICC’s Best of the Ruy Lopez, we searched ICC’s video library for the best instructional videos and created a compilation on this super popular opening. Mastering this opening doesn’t just improve your opening finesse, it improves your chess ability as a whole. You will learn all the key ideas, positional considerations and attacking chances from some of the most popular variations of this classical opening.
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  30. Improve Your Chess Calculation

    The Improve Your Chess Calculation is a full training program, which includes a course guide, 13 videos, an interactive training session in our Learning Center and over 200 puzzles in pgn format for you to practice.

    Watch the introduction.


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  31. Judit Polgar’s Secrets of the Sicilian - The Judit Polgar method
    Judit Polgar was destined for big things, smashing Bobby Fischer’s record as the youngest GM in history, before ruthlessly going toe-to-toe with the very best - defeating the likes of Kasparov, Carlsen, Topalov, Kramnik, Anand and Karpov in the process! Judit Polgar was destined for big things, smashing Bobby Fischer’s record as the youngest GM in history, before ruthlessly going toe-to-toe with the very best - defeating the likes of Kasparov, Carlsen, Topalov, Kramnik, Anand and Karpov in the process! And in 30 years at the top, she NEVER made a chess course or gave lessons of any type - she never revealed any of the secrets behind her supreme tactical mastery - until now. Learn More
  32. The GingerGM Method 1 and 2 – GM Simon Williams
    Want to realize your chess potential but don’t have much time to study? In this comprehensive 30 hour course, “GingerGM” Simon Williams reveals the training secrets and shortcuts that helped him become a GM with a fraction of the time and effort it takes most people. You’ll learn how to get an opening repertoire that fits your style and become an expert in it, not by memorizing a ton of theory, but by absorbing the key patterns. A major source of dropped points is missing tactical ideas – overlooking threats and simply not seeing winning combinations. GingerGM, a master of attacking play, will explain how to cure this problem! Learn More
  33. The Anna Rudolf Method: Smash the Barriers to your Chess Success!
    Many players seem to get stuck at a certain level, no matter how hard they train. It’s like there’s an invisible barrier preventing them from reaching 1600, 1800 or 2000. It doesn’t have to be this way. IM Anna Rudolf (aka Miss Strategy) has found the solution. Instead of cramming our brains with endless amounts of new knowledge, we need to fix the 5 holes through which valuable rating points leak. Blunders, missing winning opportunities, missing the strongest plan, underestimating your opponent’s strategy and fear/complacency. These are the real barriers holding you back. The 15 hour Anna Rudolf Method teaches you how to solve these problems and achieve your potential by becoming a master of awareness, emotions and targeting weaknesses.s. Learn More
  34. SUPER HUMAN CHESS ENGINE - by Charlie Storey
    It took Charlie 18 years to refine the concepts, the algorithms, and the presentation of The Super Human Chess Engine! In this series, Charlie will teach you special human memory techniques to aid in remembering what to search for in positions in the correct priority order. Many of these techniques were first introduced by professor of Psychology DR. Kenneth Higbee, who is the originator of several memory techniques.   Learn More
  35. Revolutionize your Chess (The GingerGM Method 2)
    A major source of dropped points is missing tactical ideas – overlooking threats and simply not seeing winning combinations. Now GM Simon Williams, a master of attacking play, explains how to cure this problem. Learn More
  36. Tactics and Sacrifices Domination Bundle
    Becoming a Grandmaster takes several years of constant training and re-evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses to adjust your strategy to achieve consistently better results. However in my new Empire Chess Tactics and Sacrifices Domination Bundle I am going to share a secret with you that helped me raise my rating by 350 points. It didn’t happen overnight, I had to work very hard and perform well in high-pressure situations to achieve all 3 GM norms. - GM DAMIAN LEMOS Learn More
  37. Repertoire for Black - The French (21 part series)

    Regular Price: $49.95

    Special Price $29.95

    Repertoire for Black - The French (21 part series)
  38. FM Ljubomir Biljanic

    Hello! I'm Ljubomir Biljanic FM from Serbia. I prefer to work with beginners and I help them to improve strategy and tactics in middlegames and endgames. My best students are WGM Ana Benderac and WIM Maja Velickovski-Nejkovic. I am also available for training games and analysis. Contact me via Price $15 for 1 hour

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  39. Transfer time to a new username

    Now you can transfer existing membership time from one account to another.

    Please allow 1 business day to process your request.

    Please note: We cannot transfer ratings, histories, finger notes, etc. to a new username. You can, however, create a new username by following these steps:

    1) Register a new username at

    2) Include the new username in the username box provided.

    Please note: This $10 fee applies to all membership time transfers, full or partial. For instance, if you have X months remaining on your current account, and wish to transfer some number of those months to a new account so you have two accounts, you still must pay the $10 fee just as you would if you wished to transfer all of the membership time to a new account.

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  40. Mastering Pawn Play

    When evaluating a chess position, every Grandmaster considers four key factors: King Safety, Piece Activity, Material Count and Pawn Structure. Most amateurs tend to pay too much attention to piece activity and material and neglect how critical pawn play and pawn structure is to assessing positions and deciding on the correct strategy of play. Master the keys of pawn play with this new video series. In it, we cover crucial topics in pawn play such as:

    Pawn chains: how and when to attack them. 
    Isolated pawns: sometimes a weapon, other times a liability, learn how to play them both.
    Doubled pawns: find out why not all doubled pawns are bad, master how to use them to your advantage.
    Pawn endings: all you need ot know about pawn endings...and sample games with full analysis.

    Add a new weapon and dimension to your game with "Master Pawn Play" from top instructors IM John Watson, NM Dan Heisman and GM Alex Yermolinsky.

    Learn More
  41. Queens Gambit Accepted (6 video series)

    The Queen’s Gambit Accepted (1 d4 d5 2 c4 dxc4) is one classical opening that has had many famous elite exponents in recent years.

    Learn More
  42. Slav and Semi-Slav Defences (15 part series)
    New Ideas in…: Slav and Semi-Slav Defences (15 part series). D43, D44: QGD semi-Slav, QGD semi-Slav: Botvinnik system (anti-Meran), QGD semi-Slav: anti-Meran gambit. In a series of opening videos for ICC Chess.FM, GM Ronen Har-Zvi investigates the latest developments and trends that will keep you up-to-date in the rock-solid Slav and Semi-Slav Defences. Sneak preview in description. Learn More
  43. IM Wm.Paschall

    International Master William Paschall (Mrserious) Experienced teacher, commentator and video lecturer. 20 Years teaching and training in chess. 2 Time Massachusetts State Champ / 3 Time New England Champ. Thousands of hours of private lessons and video/live commentary experience. Study chess in English with a clear and natural communicator!

    Learn More
  44. Polgar Chess University Advanced Bundle

    Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price $99.00

    Attack, defense and instructive games: GM Susan Polgar, coach of many very strong GMs including top 10 player Wesley So, teaches the advanced player the subtleties of attacking play using the most instructive games of chess legends such as Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov.

    Positional play and strategy: Susan discusses the more advanced topics of positional chess and strategy. Some of the concepts, such as using open files and weak color complexes, might be familiar which will help as Susan shows how they are used at the elite level.

    Chess tactics and endgames: Susan looks at deep sacrificial ideas from Grandmaster games, deconstructing them to reveal how they work and how we can find them in our own games. We see increasingly creative ideas and their inner logic plus familiar sacrifices that require an extra layer of subtlety to distract our opponents. Using the games of Anand, Shirov and Kramnik, we learn how to calculate in complicated positions as well as some advanced tactical patterns we can use in our own games. COMES WITH ONE (1) MONTH OF BONUS ICC MEMBERSHIP Learn More
  45. GM Levan Aroshidze

    GM Levan Aroshidze from Georgia, FIDE rating 2565. Chess lessons in English, Spanish and Russian.  I combine active playing and teaching. My methodical approach includes an explanation of the subject, showing the best examples and follow up. Individual program for every student. Each lesson includes Material of the day + homework.
    Audio lessons $35 per hour. For regular students discounts are possible. For more information and contact - finger LordProtector or e-mail: or

    Learn More
  46. 1 Year St.Louis Scholastics Membership

    1 Year FREE membership. To claim your membership, you will need to enter your coupon code.  To enter the coupon code, click ADD TO CART and then type your coupon code on the next screen, in the DISCOUNT CODES box.

    Learn More
  47. Rook Endgames by Ron W. Henley

    GM Ron W. Henley is an American Grandmaster best known for his role as second, analyst and trainer for former World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov in several matches in the 1990s! As Ron puts it: “Rooks are the last pieces to come out and develop, so it's easy to see why more than 50% of the endings in a chess game are rook endings. Rook endings should be mastered by any chess player who wants to improve their game and their results”. In this elegantly crafted video series, you will be guided on a journey to Rook endgame excellence. The video series is divided into 14 videos. Learn More

  48. French Defense
    GM Varuzhan Akobian covers 5 main sections in the French Defense. Learn More
  49. ICC Hooded Sweatshirt
    They feel as good as they look!. Made of top quality material, our super-soft and comfortable hooded sweatshirt, comes with front pockets, elastic trims, and of course our world famous logo. Learn More
  50. New in Chess Magazine (1 year subscription)
    * 8 issues a year * 800 pages a year of the very best in chess * on-the-spot tournament reports * columns both serious and hilarious * in-depth interviews * 'Secrets of Opening Surprises' * chess history that comes to life * endgames and studies * chess anecdotes and curiosities * great pictures and drawings * an honest GM opinion on the latest chess books * exclusive columns by Anish Giri and Nigel Short * games analysed by the top players themselves Learn More

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