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  1. Polgar Chess University Beginner Bundle

    Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price $99.00

    Attack, Defense and Chess Endgames: Susan reveals the essential principles to successful attacking chess. You will learn why the King is in danger when left in the center, how to find the most aggressive squares for your pieces and the best way to coordinate them in powerful attacks. The lessons contained in this bundle teach not just how to finish your opponent off but also how to get good positions in the first place.

    Positional Play and Chess Strategy: Susan teaches you how to find strong moves in every position by targeting your opponent’s weaknesses and avoiding creating any of your own. You will learn how to look deeper into the position and see further ahead with Susan Polgar’s invaluable advice on planning – a key skill in chess strategy. And you’ll find out how to reduce blunders – mistakes that lose material – with sound positional play.

    Improving Chess Tactics: Susan provides intensive training on chess tactics. Starting with the essential checkmate patterns and tactical motifs like the pin, skewer and fork, the material quickly advances to cover more complicated combinations – but with Susan breaking them down to show exactly how they work and the logic in the position that makes them possible. COMES WITH ONE (1) MONTH OF BONUS ICC MEMBERSHIP Learn More
  2. WGM Tatiana Shadrina

    Hello! I'm Shadrina Tatiana (Shata974 on ICC) WGM from Russia, a professional player (current Elo 2320) for more than 20 years and a coach since 1999 in a well-known specialized chess school in Russia. I admire this fantastic game and consider chess to be an exciting way of developing children's thinking. Inviting children and grown-ups of all levels up to the Elo 2200. I would be glad to help you in mastering chess in all the fields of tactics and strategy. Lessons in English and Russian 30$ per hour. For more information contact me on:

    Learn More
  3. The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding
    Here I reveal EVERYTHING about Chess Strategy. Allowing you to take your play to the NEXT level. Learn More
  4. GM Lemos’ Deep Dive Collection (Vol. 01 – 11)
    GM Lemos’ Deep Dive Collection – Vol. 01 – 11: Chess openings knowledge is crucial in competitive chess. Between equal players, it often makes the difference between winning and drawing. However, up till now, most opening instruction has been very general – good enough so you know what you’re doing but without the detail required to give you the competitive edge in tournaments. GM Damian Lemos has addressed that with his acclaimed Deep Dive series. Learn More
  5. Remote Chess Academy Beginner Pack
    The Grandmaster’s Secrets ($57) The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding ($139) The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory ($53)
    Actual Total price = $249
    Package price = $199
    You save = $50 (Discount)  Learn More
  6. Deluxe Club Package – 1 year package
    Chess Clubs, Coaches, and Schools:   Discover ICC’s new Deluxe Club Package.  Club Package includes 25 one year ICC scholastic memberships which can be used for students, coaches, or teachers and receive all the benefits of regular ICC Memberships. Learn More
  7. Fritz 17 - The giant PC chess program, now with Fat Fritz *DOWNLOAD*

    Regular Price: $89.95

    Special Price $79.95

    At the turn of the century, Fritz fascinated the chess world with victories over Garry Kasparov and then-reigning World Champion Vladimir Kramnik. The "most popular chess program" (according to German magazine Der Spiegel) offers you everything you will need as a dedicated chess enthusiast, with innovative training methods for amateurs and professionals alike, plus access to the full suite of ChessBase web apps, including the Playchess playing server. Comes with 1 month of ICC membership! Learn More
  8. Heisman's Endings Bundle
    National Master Dan Heisman, one of the most instructional chess coaches in the world, brings us this winning video collection Chess Endings. 
    Dan tackles the classics here, including the Lucena position and Pawn endings, but in this really useful series Dan also focus his attention on several different subjects, such as Zugzwang, pawn promotion, technique, the all-important 7th rank, and more.  And NM Heisman's gives examples taken from amateur games, which illustrate brilliantly how the club player normally deals with endgames, and how it is possible to improve!
  9. DGT 2010 Chess Clock
  10. Houdini 6 Standard - PLUS 1 month of ICC membership

    Regular Price: $64.95

    Special Price $49.95

    Houdini 6 continues the impressive surge made by its predecessor by adding another 50 to 60 Elo in strength, to become once again the strongest engine that money can buy. This playing strength increase means that Houdini 6 is stronger than Houdini 5 using twice the time; or in other words, upgrading to Houdini 6 is like doubling the computational power of your computer for chess. Learn More
  11. Rescue a deleted username

    Rescue a deleted username
    BONUS:   1 MONTH membership included with order.

    Learn More
  12. Your Winning Plan
    Planning is one of the MOST important skills in chess! Learn how to read the chess board and plan like the PROs. Learn More
  13. Gambit Guide Mega Pack:  1. e4 gambits!

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price $59.95

    Over 61 hours of instruction! GM Boris Alterman explores the best 1. e4 gambits! How many times have you wondered how to play against one of the many gambits that your opponents use to surprise you in the opening? Now, it's your turn to put your ace down! GM Boris Alterman, with his straight and easy style, explains how to master all the 1.e4 gambit openings. 


    Learn More
  14. GM Petrov's TRIPLE PACK: Dominate with 1.d4 and 1.e4 and Opening and Positional Mastery

    Regular Price: $447.00

    Special Price $98.49

    FIDE Trainer and Olympiad Coach GM Marian Petrov's Triple pack includes: 1) Opening Mastery – Dominate with 1.d4 (sells for $149) 2) Opening Mastery – Dominate with1.e4 (sells for $149) 3) Positional Chess Mastery (sells for $149) Learn More
  15. Houdini 6 PRO - PLUS 1 month of ICC membership

    Regular Price: $89.95

    Special Price $74.95

    Houdini 6 continues the impressive surge made by its predecessor by adding another 50 to 60 Elo in strength, to become once again the strongest engine that money can buy. Learn More
  16. Self-taught Grandmaster
    This is your guide towards high chess achievements! You’ll know WHAT and HOW you should train (+ the best training materials). Learn More
  17. Gambit Domination Bundle
    Are you putting enough pressure on your opponent in the opening? Are you winning games in the first 15 moves, or at least gaining a large advantage?
    Do you ever try an aggressive opening and sacrifice a pawn, only to fall into your opponent’s opening preparation and go straight into an inferior middlegame / endgame
    When is the last time you really evaluated your opening systems and made significant changes? (i.e. improvements!)
    This guide is guaranteed to provide you with a comprehensive, well-researched set of chess gambits for all main lines with the white and black pieces! COMES WITH ONE (1) MONTH OF BONUS ICC MEMBERSHIP Learn More
  18. Ace Up Your Sleeve - 1. d4 repertoire - by IM Michael Rahal

    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price $49.95

    In recent years, openings theory has evolved so much that it’s become increasingly difficult to decide between the tangle of lines, analysis and variations. It's a struggle even for Grandmasters to keep up with it all, not to mention club players! It’s no coincidence that the World Champion Magnus Carlsen often plays secondary lines to achieve a less-known middle game position and sidestep his opponent’s preparation. His incredible quality often allows him to accumulate small advantages in the late middlegame and endgame which he then converts to victory. But how many Carlsen’s are there in the world?
  19. 3 MONTH MEMBERSHIP! Go Wild!

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price $16.95

    3 Months of  ICC Membership
    Play online 24x7 and enjoy over 3000 instructional chess Videos 
    iOS users download our app: CHESS AT ICC
    Andriod users download our app: CHESS AT ICC Learn More
  20. How to Beat Titled Players
    Master the 5 Chess Weapons and learn how to defeat opponents that are 200 or even 300 rating points ahead of you. Learn More
  21. Gambit Guide Mega Pack:  c4, d4, f4, nf3 gambits!

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price $89.95

    Over 41 hours of instruction! GM Boris Alterman explores the best 1. c4, 1. d4, 1. f4 and 1. Nf3 gambits! How many times have you wondered how to play against one of the many gambits that your opponents use to surprise you in the opening? Now, it's your turn to put your ace down! In this Mega Pack, GM Boris Alterman, with his straight and easy style, explains how to master most of the gambit openings you can find out there. Over 41 hours of amazing videos to understand positional, strategical and tactical tricks that will make your opening repertoire stronger than ever! The Second Mega Pack has all the 1.d4 gambits and, as a bonus, 1.c4, 1.Nf3 and 1.f4! Gambits, gambits, gambits galore! Boris investigates gambits old and new! They are all exciting to play and at the same time instructive as they teach us all about natural development of the pieces and tactics in chess. COMES WITH ONE (1) MONTH OF BONUS ICC MEMBERSHIP Learn More
  22. The Grandmaster’s Secrets
    This contains the MOST essential principles of chess. Showing you how to think like a strong player step-by-step. Learn More
  23. Champion Psychology – A book for future chess champions

    Champion Psychology – A book for future chess champions

    This book will help you to stay cool and do your best, while enjoying the royal game of chess. You'll learn the most common psychological weapons that top Grandmasters use.

    Learn More
  24. OffBeat lines to Crush the Sicilian!

    Regular Price: $49.95

    Special Price $24.95

    Tired of fighting those booked up Sicilian players? Checkout this compilation of anti-Sicilian weapons for White to swing the games into your own familiar territory. GM NIvel Davis, IM Gary Lane, IM Danny Kopec, GM Ronen Har-Zvi and GM Alex Lenderman give you a full array of off beat easy-to-learn weapons to take the fight into your own terms.
    Learn More
  25. The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory 2
    “Advance your opening play to the level of Masters / Grandmasters ! Learn the general principles of opening play. Get a powerful opening repertoire.” Learn More
  26. The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory
    Know the secrets of proper and efficient opening preparation. With a complete opening repertoire this is a must-have. Learn More

    1 year Membership ICC MEMBERSHIP + 50 Euros Discount at the Sunway Hotel during the Sunway Sitges Chess Festival (Dec. 16 to 23)
    Join or renew your ICC membership for 20% off, and you’ll receive a 50 euro discount when you book the Sunway Hotel for the Sitges Chess Festival December 16 to 23. 
    Location: Hotel & Apartments Golf and Spa **** Sitges, Barcelona
    December 16 to 23, 2016
    Prize fund: 19,700 € Euros

    Learn More
  28. Heisman's Openings and Tabiyas Bundle

    Regular Price: $90.00

    Special Price $34.95

    National Master Dan Heisman, one of the most instructional chess coaches in the world, brings us another winning video collection Openings and Tabiyas.
    Dan shows you in this useful 29-video series what to do after the "normal position" of an opening is reached. It is a different approach to the opening theory; how many times have you reached the limit of your opening theory knowledge to find yourself in doubt about what to do next? Dan likes calling these Tabiyas (what to do in a normal position), and how to plan ahead when the standardized position arising on the board.
  29. WGM Ana Benderac

    Hi, I'm Ana Benderac. Women's Grandmaster. Licensed Fide Trainer. Half an hour of training lessons or 1 hour of training game would cost $15. For any information, please contact:

    Learn More
  30. Game Changer: AlphaZero's Groundbreaking Chess Strategies and the Promise of AI

    Regular Price: $34.90

    Special Price $24.95

    The story behind the self-learning artificial intelligence system with its stunning chess skills. It took AlphaZero only a few hours of self-learning to become the chess player that shocked the world Sample Pages Game Changer: AlphaZero's Groundbreaking Chess Strategies and the Promise of AI. BONUS ONE-MONTH OF ICC MEMBERSHIP (value $9.95) Learn More
  31. Two Week Membership

    Two-week full ICC membership. Chess 24/7
    - Watch and learn from GrandMasters 
    - Play Tournaments and win prizes
    - Live coverage of major tournaments
    - Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

    Learn More
  32. GM Yaroslav Zherebukh

    GM Yaroslav Zherebukh, 2700+ USCF, 2600+ FIDE.  I offer chess lessons for beginners and experts. Individual approach to every student.
    For further information and rates, email me at

    Learn More
  33. Banter Blitz with GM David Smerdon
    It's been a very interesting session, with our GM David Smerdon. David managed to win 13 games, lose 1 and draw 1 - in a particularly dramatic way, by getting stalemated! muhit played a very good game, mastering the Master. Kudos! A special mention goes to prowhite, who had the Master, and only the GM's experience allowed David to force stalemate. David was very entertaining, providing a lot of information and telling stories during the games… even calling himself names when he missed a good move! Learn More
  34. GRANDMASTER LEVEL PSYCHOLOGY with Grandmaster Tiberiu Georgescu

    Regular Price: $45.00

    Special Price $15.75

    "Many of the strongest Grandmasters agree that psychology is one of the most important factors in chess. It is not a secret that strong GMs can exploit their opponent’s emotional state, read their fears and predict plans. " Learn More
  35. Opening Course for Beginners with IM Lilov

    Regular Price: $89.00

    Special Price $31.15

    Most beginners have HUGE problems with the opening preparation. They either spend too much time on a single line trying to memorize it till move 35 or simply get lost in never-ending sub-variations. Sounds familiar? This course will fix it! Learn More
  36. Introduction to Time Management
    In this video NM Dan Heisman tackles a quite unique topic for chess related shows: Time Management. This subject is very underrated and often overlooked by weaker players, as it is something about which there is not much information available. Back in the 1880's grandmasters were playing without clocks, but they would take forever; they played for money, and wanted to find the best move, this resulting in long hours without a move, with the spectators asking for their money back, because they didn't see many moves during a day. The advent of the clock in a chess game changed profoundly the approach to the game: with time constraint the masters were not anymore trying to find the best move, but instead they were forced to find the best move in a given amount of time. This was an epochal change in the game as we know it today. Since then the use of the clock in chess has evolved, and today chess is played in a "sudden death" mode, with the players forced to finish the game in a given amount of time (no adjournment). Another important aspect of the evolution of the chess clock is the increment, which adds a certain number of seconds to the clock for each move. Modern chess is greatly influenced by time, and it's extremely important to manage one's time efficiently. NM Dan Heisman, in this interesting and not to be missed video-lecture, explains how to deal with the clock during a chess game. Learn More
  37. Roman's Lab Vol 18: Blitz as a tool to better chess & Secrets in Beating your Chess Computer
    Better Chess & Secrets in Beating Your Chess Computer Programs Vol.18 There is little information on how to improve your Blitz Chessgame. Roman has had a blitz rating as high as 3450 on the Intet Chess Club and will pass his knowledge on to you on how blitz is played on the highest lev He recommends ideas openings to iove your Bligame which will also help you improve your over the board skills. When it comes to Secrets in beat Chess Computer Programs, Roman is one of the best G.M. in the world and has even helped programmers improves flaws in their own programs. Computer Programs can look at millions of positions a second. Roman recommends and gives you ideas on how to give your computer positions where there is nothing to calculate. This will help you level the playing field, since most humans understand weak pieces and closed positions better than computers. Roman will help you with a plan to exploit these weaknesses Learn More
  38. IM Daniel Tapia

    Hello, I'm Daniel Tapia, International Master, and experienced chess coach. If you want to improve at chess, I can definitely help. For more information about private chess lessons with me, visit

    Learn More
  39. IM Attila Turzo

    Hello! Would you like to improve your chess? International Master Attila Turzo is at your service.
    If you need more information please send me an email at! Thank you.

    Learn More
  40. Konstantin Kosteniuk

    My name is Konstantin Kosteniuk and I am the father, and first trainer of the Woman Vice World Chess Champion, Alexandra Kosteniuk.
    I give lessons for 25 chekels/hour. You can read more about me at
    You can message me for more information.

    Learn More
  41. IM Alex Kundin

    Hi there! I am an IM and a former Europe youth champion Alex Kundin. A few of my lectures / webinars can be seen here:

    I have wide experience in teaching chess to all levels and ages on-line and in real life. Also I firmly believe in individual approach to each player and try to focus on and improve one's weaknesses, mainly through analyzing his/her games and learning from his/her mistakes. Of course, other aspects of the player's game are also improved upon necessity. Languages: English, Russian, Hebrew.

    Learn More
  42. FM Kevin Trujillo

    I like to create working plans to improve my students' chess more effectively.
    Lessons in English and Spanish for 25 checkels per hour. ;For more information, contact me at or finger kevinice. Useful information about my teaching at

    US ES

    Learn More
  43. Dominate Rook Endgames with GM Alex Ipatov

    Regular Price: $35.00

    Special Price $12.25

    “Rook endgames are the most common and probably one of the most complex of all endings. No wonder 90% of chess players have trouble with them. This course will make rook endgames one of your strongest sides!” Learn More
  44. Winning with Counter-Attack with IM Lilov

    Regular Price: $35.00

    Special Price $12.25

    “Counter-attack is not magic. It is a pure science and a little bit of art. By learning how to counter-attack using IM Lilov’s methodology you will instantly turbo-charge both: your defensive and attacking skills.” Learn More
  45. Winning Endgame Strategies with GM Davorin Kuljasevic

    Regular Price: $149.00

    Special Price $52.15

    In this 15-lesson video course, we are going to take your endgame understanding to the next level. You will learn the specific and very effective methods that professional chess players use to achieve endgame mastery. Learn More
  46. Strategic Endgame Mastery with IM Mat Kolosowski

    Regular Price: $149.00

    Special Price $52.15

    In this 10-hour “university level” course, IM Mat Kolosovski provides you with the full arsenal of all the necessary tools to crack practical endings. By learning those 5 endgame themes and applying Mat’s thinking models you’ll be able to maximize your over the board performance in no time! Learn More
  47. Opening Mastery – Dominate with1.e4 by GM Marian Petrov

    Regular Price: $149.00

    Special Price $52.15

    “Contrary to many other resources on opening preparation, GM Marian Petrov does a superb job keeping this course lean and concise. GM Petrov believes that simplicity is the key to perfect execution.” Learn More
  48. IM Ivan Sredojevic

    My name is Ivan Sredojevic. I am IM with 1 GM norm, from Serbia and official ICC vendor. If you would like to improve your skills, if you want to learn and understand chess better, then please contact me at: During my lessons I prefer to communicate with students via Skype. I am also available for playing training games at all time controls, or to analyse student games. I have many satisfied students worldwide. Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information. Price is 35 dollars per hour.

    Learn More
  49. WIM Tijana Blagojevic

    I am Tijana Blagojevic, 21 years old from Montenegro. I'm a student of Information Systems and Technology at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. I won a bronze medal in the World Youth chess championship under 18 (Halkidiki, 2015) and a bronze medal at the European Youth Championship Under 18 years (Porec 2015). Also, have 3 norms for Woman Grand Master and one for International Master. I participated at Susan Polgar's Camp for 10 the most talented girls in the world under 20 years old (2015 in Vienna).
    Teaching experience: 2 years of private lesson experience 1 year experience as a consultant to the International Master and FIDE Master
    Best skills: -Lessons based on individual weaknesses -Analytical skills -Openings -Utilizing modern tools (internet, databases)
    Teaching methodology: Student should send me at least 10 games of his/her game (classic, rapid or blitz) or nickname in some chess website where he/she was playing so I will find games to see mistakes and based lessons on it ( for example lessons can be basic, intermediate or advanced endgames, how to make plan in simple or in complicated position, position estimate based on key factors, tactic , pawn structures , bad and good pieces, motifs that often occur... it all depends on the level of student). The other option is to play a couple of games with a student and then analyze the games. Everything we did in class, homework and additional material are given after every class. I hold lessons through Skype (Screen Sharing).

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to send an email to: or on Facebook:

    Learn More

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