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  1. 1 Year Membership
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  2. 3 Month Membership
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  3. 1 Month Membership
    This membership will auto-renew every month, but can be cancelled at any time in MY ACCOUNT->MY SUBSCRIPTIONS
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  4. 6 Month Membership
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  5. 1 Year PREPAID Membership
  6. 6 Month PREPAID Membership
  7. DGT 2010 Chess Clock
  8. 3 Month PREPAID Membership
  9. 2 Year PREPAID Membership
  10. Rescue a deleted username

    Rescue a deleted username
    BONUS:   1 MONTH membership included with order.

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  11. Transfer time to a new username

    Now you can transfer existing membership time from one account to another.

    Please allow 1 business day to process your request.

    Please note: We cannot transfer ratings, histories, finger notes, etc. to a new username. You can, however, create a new username by following these steps:

    1) Register a new username at

    2) Include the new username in the username box provided.

    Please note: This $10 fee applies to all membership time transfers, full or partial. For instance, if you have X months remaining on your current account, and wish to transfer some number of those months to a new account so you have two accounts, you still must pay the $10 fee just as you would if you wished to transfer all of the membership time to a new account.

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  12. Roman's Lab Vol 18: Blitz as a tool to better chess & Secrets in Beating your Chess Computer
    Better Chess & Secrets in Beating Your Chess Computer Programs Vol.18 There is little information on how to improve your Blitz Chessgame. Roman has had a blitz rating as high as 3450 on the Intet Chess Club and will pass his knowledge on to you on how blitz is played on the highest lev He recommends ideas openings to iove your Bligame which will also help you improve your over the board skills. When it comes to Secrets in beat Chess Computer Programs, Roman is one of the best G.M. in the world and has even helped programmers improves flaws in their own programs. Computer Programs can look at millions of positions a second. Roman recommends and gives you ideas on how to give your computer positions where there is nothing to calculate. This will help you level the playing field, since most humans understand weak pieces and closed positions better than computers. Roman will help you with a plan to exploit these weaknesses Learn More
  13. Introduction to Time Management
    In this video NM Dan Heisman tackles a quite unique topic for chess related shows: Time Management. This subject is very underrated and often overlooked by weaker players, as it is something about which there is not much information available. Back in the 1880's grandmasters were playing without clocks, but they would take forever; they played for money, and wanted to find the best move, this resulting in long hours without a move, with the spectators asking for their money back, because they didn't see many moves during a day. The advent of the clock in a chess game changed profoundly the approach to the game: with time constraint the masters were not anymore trying to find the best move, but instead they were forced to find the best move in a given amount of time. This was an epochal change in the game as we know it today. Since then the use of the clock in chess has evolved, and today chess is played in a "sudden death" mode, with the players forced to finish the game in a given amount of time (no adjournment). Another important aspect of the evolution of the chess clock is the increment, which adds a certain number of seconds to the clock for each move. Modern chess is greatly influenced by time, and it's extremely important to manage one's time efficiently. NM Dan Heisman, in this interesting and not to be missed video-lecture, explains how to deal with the clock during a chess game. Learn More
  14. IM Hugh O Donnell

    Tom O'Donnell (Canada) 30 chekels/hr. Taught chess 20+ years for 800 - 2200. Focus on middlegame strategy/tactics, thinking techniques to find moves/plans. Correctly applying what information you have rather than learning a bunch of new stuff you can't use is key. Message me if interested.

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  15. IM Dan Vasiesiu

    European IM and experienced trainer, one of the most active on ICC. Taking students rated anywhere from 1200 to 2200. I believe that the key to improvement in chess is to focus on learning how to think properly. Most people get stuck because they only accumulate knowledge without actually developing a proper thought process. My lessons are one on one, customized to meet the student's needs. Opening study, planning, calculation, typical endgames, answering questions, going through games - I do it all. $30/hour or even better $50/2 consecutive hrs.

    Attention – potential students, contact me ( before making any payment! Information I need – your age, rating, chess books/software you own, desired lesson times, chess goals.

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  16. GM Sergey Volkov

    GM Volkov Sergey from Russia .Champion of Russia - 2000!  I won 3rd place at EURO -2008 and in 2002. Fide rating on 01.01.07 2659!  I HAVE BEEN A VENDOR HERE AT ICC SINCE 2000. I offer lessons for 50 chekels an hour. I am also available for blitz and short analysis.
    For more information "finger Volkov" e-mail: or message volkov on ICC.

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  17. IM Attila Turzo

    Hello! Would you like to improve your chess? International Master Attila Turzo is at your service.
    If you need more information please send me an email at! Thank you.

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  18. Konstantin Kosteniuk

    My name is Konstantin Kosteniuk and I am the father, and first trainer of the Woman Vice World Chess Champion, Alexandra Kosteniuk.
    I give lessons for 25 chekels/hour. You can read more about me at
    You can message me for more information.

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  19. IM Alex Kundin

    Hi there! I am an IM and a former Europe youth champion Alex Kundin. A few of my lectures / webinars can be seen here:

    I have wide experience in teaching chess to all levels and ages on-line and in real life. Also I firmly believe in individual approach to each player and try to focus on and improve one's weaknesses, mainly through analyzing his/her games and learning from his/her mistakes. Of course, other aspects of the player's game are also improved upon necessity. Languages: English, Russian, Hebrew.

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  20. GM Andrey Sumets

    Hello! I am Andrey Sumets, a professional chessplayer and coach, my biggest FIDE elo is 2640. In openings my specialization is Caro-Kann and French Defence on e4 and Slav Defence and Nimzowitsch on d4. You can find my articles about this openings in New in Chess, Chessbase Magazine, I'm available for private lessons and training games with analyses. I've been working with strong GMs and with beginners. Homework is provided. Prices are affordable. 
    1 hour - 35$ and 30$ if you purchase 10 hours of lessons in advance.  
    If you are interested in playing blitz or standard games with brief analysis.1 hour games price is 30$. For more information contact me at I can speak English, French, Russian, Ukrainian.

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  21. GM Levan Aroshidze

    GM Levan Aroshidze from Georgia, FIDE rating 2565. Chess lessons in English, Spanish and Russian.  I combine active playing and teaching. My methodical approach includes an explanation of the subject, showing the best examples and follow up. Individual program for every student. Each lesson includes Material of the day + homework.
    Audio lessons $35 per hour. For regular students discounts are possible. For more information and contact - finger LordProtector or e-mail: or

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  22. FM Sasa Jevtic

    My name is Sasa Jevtic, I am FM with 2 IM norms, from Serbia and official ICC vendor. Also I am certified FIDE Trainer (FT), International Arbiter (IA) and International Organizer (IO). I am an official ICC vendor and professional chess coach. See more details at my official web site: If you would like to improve your skills, if you are tired of losing games, if you want to learn and understand chess better, or if you just want to have more fun with chess then please contact me at! During my lessons I prefer to communicate with students via Skype Audio Available . I am also available for playing training games at all time controls, or to analyse student games.I have many satisfied students worldwide and I was chess coach at few camps in USA. Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

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  23. WGM Vita Kryvoruchko

    Hi!:)I am Vita Kryvoruchko ( Chulivska ).
    I love God, my husband, our kids, family, friends and I'll love you, as my student!:) Besides I love chess! You can study openings, typical ideas of middlegame and whatever you want with me. We can play chess with any control and analyze your games.
    I give lessons in English, Spanish and Russian  for $60/hr.
    You can read more information about me here:
    Contact me at, because I am the Best of the best of the best!:)

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  24. GM Yaroslav Zherebukh

    GM Yaroslav Zherebukh, 2700+ USCF, 2600+ FIDE.  I offer chess lessons for beginners and experts. Individual approach to every student.
    For further information and rates, email me at

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  25. IM Daniel Tapia

    Hello, I'm Daniel Tapia, International Master, and experienced chess coach. If you want to improve at chess, I can definitely help. For more information about private chess lessons with me, visit

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  26. WIM Maja Velickovski-Nejkovic

    Hello, Maja Velickovski-Nejkovic, WIM from Serbia. For beginners, I charge 15 chekels per hour. First lesson - 10 chekels. Also available for training games and analysis.
    For more information contact me on ICC or at

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  27. FM Kevin Trujillo

    I like to create working plans to improve my students' chess more effectively.
    Lessons in English and Spanish for 25 checkels per hour. ;For more information, contact me at or finger kevinice. Useful information about my teaching at

    US ES

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  28. 1 Year St.Louis Scholastics Membership

    1 Year FREE membership. To claim your membership, you will need to enter your coupon code.  To enter the coupon code, click ADD TO CART and then type your coupon code on the next screen, in the DISCOUNT CODES box.

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  29. Repertoire for Black - The French (21 part series)

    Regular Price: $49.95

    Special Price $29.95

    Repertoire for Black - The French (21 part series)
  30. Two Week Membership

    Two-week full ICC membership. Chess 24/7
    - Watch and learn from GrandMasters 
    - Play Tournaments and win prizes
    - Live coverage of major tournaments
    - Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

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  31. Banter Blitz with GM David Smerdon
    It's been a very interesting session, with our GM David Smerdon. David managed to win 13 games, lose 1 and draw 1 - in a particularly dramatic way, by getting stalemated! muhit played a very good game, mastering the Master. Kudos! A special mention goes to prowhite, who had the Master, and only the GM's experience allowed David to force stalemate. David was very entertaining, providing a lot of information and telling stories during the games… even calling himself names when he missed a good move! Learn More
  32. 1 Month Prepaid Membership
  33. Membership Gift Card
    Select a Gift Membership below * See steps to redeem in the Description Learn More
  34. An Endgame Expert
    Play an endgame stage like Capablanca, Smyslov, or Karpov and develop a really deep understanding for the game. Learn More
  35. Calculate Till Mate by GM Igor Smirnov
    This is a COMPLETE 3-in-1 training system that will sharpen your tactics, calculation and visualization skills by GM Igor Smirnov Learn More
  36. Your Winning Plan
    Planning is one of the MOST important skills in chess! Learn how to read the chess board and plan like the PROs. Learn More
  37. How to Beat Titled Players
    Master the 5 Chess Weapons and learn how to defeat opponents that are 200 or even 300 rating points ahead of you. Learn More
  38. Self-taught Grandmaster
    This is your guide towards high chess achievements! You’ll know WHAT and HOW you should train (+ the best training materials). Learn More
  39. The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding
    Here I reveal EVERYTHING about Chess Strategy. Allowing you to take your play to the NEXT level. Learn More
  40. The Grandmaster’s Secrets
    This contains the MOST essential principles of chess. Showing you how to think like a strong player step-by-step. Learn More
  41. The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory
    Know the secrets of proper and efficient opening preparation. With a complete opening repertoire this is a must-have. Learn More
  42. The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory 2
    “Advance your opening play to the level of Masters / Grandmasters ! Learn the general principles of opening play. Get a powerful opening repertoire.” Learn More
  43. Champion Psychology – A book for future chess champions

    Champion Psychology – A book for future chess champions

    This book will help you to stay cool and do your best, while enjoying the royal game of chess. You'll learn the most common psychological weapons that top Grandmasters use.

    Learn More
  44. Standard Club Package – 1 year package

    Chess Clubs, Coaches, and Schools:   Discover ICC’s new Standard Club Package.  Select the number of ICC scholastic memberships needed.   Each membership includes one year of ICC membership which can be used for students, coaches, or teachers and receive all the benefits of regular ICC Memberships.

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  45. Remote Chess Academy Beginner Pack
    The Grandmaster’s Secrets ($57) The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding ($139) The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory ($53)
    Actual Total price = $249
    Package price = $199
    You save = $50 (Discount)  Learn More
  46. Deluxe Club Package – 1 year package
    Chess Clubs, Coaches, and Schools:   Discover ICC’s new Deluxe Club Package.  Club Package includes 25 one year ICC scholastic memberships which can be used for students, coaches, or teachers and receive all the benefits of regular ICC Memberships. Learn More
  47. Polgar Chess University Beginner Bundle

    Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price $99.00

    Attack, Defense and Chess Endgames: Susan reveals the essential principles to successful attacking chess. You will learn why the King is in danger when left in the center, how to find the most aggressive squares for your pieces and the best way to coordinate them in powerful attacks. The lessons contained in this bundle teach not just how to finish your opponent off but also how to get good positions in the first place.

    Positional Play and Chess Strategy: Susan teaches you how to find strong moves in every position by targeting your opponent’s weaknesses and avoiding creating any of your own. You will learn how to look deeper into the position and see further ahead with Susan Polgar’s invaluable advice on planning – a key skill in chess strategy. And you’ll find out how to reduce blunders – mistakes that lose material – with sound positional play.

    Improving Chess Tactics: Susan provides intensive training on chess tactics. Starting with the essential checkmate patterns and tactical motifs like the pin, skewer and fork, the material quickly advances to cover more complicated combinations – but with Susan breaking them down to show exactly how they work and the logic in the position that makes them possible. COMES WITH ONE (1) MONTH OF BONUS ICC MEMBERSHIP Learn More
  48. Polgar Chess University Intermediate Bundle

    Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price $99.00

    Attack, defense and instructive games:  GM Susan Polgar, a former chess prodigy and now an elite coach, teaches how to play more sophisticated chess attacks – and how to defend against them. Using the most instructive chess games to illustrate the themes, Susan shows the practical decisions both sides have to make in real games, how mistakes are punished and what can be done differently to save the day.

    Positional play and chess strategy: Susan Polgar at the most important components of positional chess, examining pawn structures, the relative value of the pieces, how to coordinate pieces most effectively and matters of chess technique. Even with completely level material, one side may have an overwhelming advantage because of the superior quality of their pieces. Susan’s lessons focus on what makes a position or a piece good or bad and precisely how to achieve (or avoid) that position.

    Chess tactics and endgames: Susan provides you with some of the more advanced ideas you will need as you play stronger opponents. With more games likely to reach the final phase, experience of these positions will pay dividends. COMES WITH ONE (1) MONTH OF BONUS ICC MEMBERSHIP Learn More
  49. Polgar Chess University Advanced Bundle

    Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price $99.00

    Attack, defense and instructive games: GM Susan Polgar, coach of many very strong GMs including top 10 player Wesley So, teaches the advanced player the subtleties of attacking play using the most instructive games of chess legends such as Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov.

    Positional play and strategy: Susan discusses the more advanced topics of positional chess and strategy. Some of the concepts, such as using open files and weak color complexes, might be familiar which will help as Susan shows how they are used at the elite level.

    Chess tactics and endgames: Susan looks at deep sacrificial ideas from Grandmaster games, deconstructing them to reveal how they work and how we can find them in our own games. We see increasingly creative ideas and their inner logic plus familiar sacrifices that require an extra layer of subtlety to distract our opponents. Using the games of Anand, Shirov and Kramnik, we learn how to calculate in complicated positions as well as some advanced tactical patterns we can use in our own games. COMES WITH ONE (1) MONTH OF BONUS ICC MEMBERSHIP Learn More
  50. Polgar Chess University ALL THREE LESSON BUNDLES

    Regular Price: $1,162.78

    Special Price $199.00

    Own all three lesson tiers of the Polgar Chess University for one low, amazing price!  For a limited time, you can own all three complete levels with our lowest price ever! BONUS #1: COMES WITH ONE (1) MONTH OF BONUS ICC MEMBERSHIP My Student's games BONUS #2: Get GM Susan Polgar's "My Students' Games" for FREE!  To claim your free copy:

    1) Add this mega bundle to the cart.
    2) Once in the cart, you will be presented with a link to claim this package for free. Learn More

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