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1 Year PREPAID Membership

1 Year PREPAID Membership

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One year ICC PREPAID Subscription

- Play Chess 24x7
- Watch the grandmasters play
- Play in Tournaments
- Live relay video
- Find out how good your are, play with the best!

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A Great Site! Review by RoyalFizzbin
The ICC is an outstanding product that I started using back in the 1990s. I'll never forget the Kasparov - Deep Blue 97 and Christiansen - Chessmaster matches that I followed here. (Posted on November 26, 2020)
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Happy Review by Arnootje
I am a customer for a long while. Playing every day some games. For me ICC is a good site. The helpdesk is helpfull.
After I saw the film Queens Gambit I am even more chessfan. (Posted on November 23, 2020)
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Best way to relax! Playing speed chess needs full focus. Review by krabbi
Playing fast chess lets me forget all work-related stress.
One high was to win a WGM in four moves.
The low was when I had a GM mate in two, but then the game froze and a message appeared on my screen "Windows wants to update your PC, .....:) and my time expired. (Posted on November 23, 2020)
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Great website, easy to use. Review by lucagt2010
I like that there are no thrills on the website. Very easy to use!!! A bit more space for the chat would be great and also ability to observe other games. (Posted on November 22, 2020)
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gift Review by gallowglass
this membership was purchased as a gift for my husband. He has been a fan of this site and magazine for many years and would have been sorely disappointed not to have it renewed. (Posted on November 21, 2020)
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Queen's Gambit and Lockdown: ICC is the blessed result Review by RookedandHooked
My wife and I watched QG about 3 weeks ago, and I knew I wanted to give chess another try . . . probably 50 years since I played at it. So, as is my nature, I got everything chess-related I could afford, in cluding the basic Capablanca book, and dug in. Then, a little over a week ago, I discovered ICC. Signed on for the free trial, and 15 minutes later signed up for a year's membership. This is a gold-mine; I'm still not very good, and I doubt I ever will be. But the game is fascinating and has such depth that my only risk is spending too much time with it. ICC helps even there, in that it gives quick and convenient entries to the game, especially through the Learning Center. I may never leave the Learning Center, and I will be happily 'rooked and hooked.' (Posted on November 20, 2020)
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Oldest platform Review by PawnWik
I have been on this site for 20 years I think. Probably at least as long as it has existed. (Posted on November 16, 2020)
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Perfect Review by captbluefin
Chessclub is awesome (Posted on November 9, 2020)
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More Good Stuff! Review by Lucretius
Another year, another ( few! ) dollars's not at all easy to see where THIS amount of cash, would result in more FUN, anywhere...Thanks, ICC! (Posted on November 4, 2020)
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Love that interface Review by striver
Excellent display (Posted on November 4, 2020)
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