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Polgar Chess University ALL THREE LESSON BUNDLES

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Polgar Chess University ALL THREE LESSON BUNDLES

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Product Review (submitted on February 15, 2020):
I stopped playing chess for about 15 years, after having been around 1700 to 1800 elo in ability, but after deciding to get back into chess I needed an efficient approach to not only revising what I once knew, but filling in any gaps while progressing with more advanced concepts. This course was too good to resist.

Although I’m going through the PCU course from the beginner lectures, so as to see how to teach chess as well as to see if any concepts might need revision, I have been deeply impressed by the content. I watch one lecture a day, and sometimes more. In beginner lectures I have come upon concepts or statements that have created an ‘aha’ moment and which have made watching from the start fruitful. It is even nostalgic, as I see positions or methods that I studied and had forgotten. I feel I am reclaiming my knowledge and skills.

In my opinion, for a bargain price I received 135 hours (with extras) of GM Polgar’s expert instruction. Such a program of study was unheard of when I was a kid. I have no doubt that a GM did not spend 135 hours recording pointless lessons, so I believe that a player can benefit enormously from this course. My personal aim is to get a solid and strong club foundation, following up with books and other courses, and hopefully to one day breakthrough to 2000 elo.

I think being able to say that one has completed this course of study would be an achievement in itself. Polgar’s approach to coaching is justly famous with her SPICE program in the US, so her credentials are impeccable.

Right now, my opinion is that the course is outstanding and I can’t wait to get to the intermediate lessons and beyond. I’m very happy with the purchase.
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